What happened to 2018 and almost half of 2019?

Hi everyone!! How are you?

I’m still alive contrary to popular demand!!!

My last post was apparently January 2018, long enough to make me forget how to login into the Big Smiling Dinosaur!!

So I finally clicked the right button and bam, was transported back into the Land of George.


I actually was reminded about the CoG by an episode of Dr. Oz. It was about an Net scammer who pretended to be a Navy Seal and I was like, JAWA!!! (The guy featured on Oz wasn’t our beast but it reminded me, ‘Rat, you haven’t logged on in a long time!!!’ And also “wonder if Jawa still around and what he’s up to!” I get bored sometimes and like to do snoop arounds the net!!!)

(Apparently Jawa has passed away from a stroke — https://obits.ocregister.com/obituaries/orangecounty/obituary.aspx?n=ronald-patrick-arlt-ron&pid=192049687 )

I still working on getting disability, long process. Still around online, writing blogs, scaring people, and sometimes I tell tales(or tails) of my life as a reboot rat for the mob in a casino in the middle of a corn field.

Hard to believe it has been over 9 years since I was thrown away from that place; too many other life times ago to even remember the joy of meeting the world famous Nick Burns and SilverBrumby as they showed up at The Boat to see if the Rat was as cool as they had heard (or misheard).

I forget when I first discovered teh Cog — over 15 years ago??? Still giggle with joy reading the call tickets!!!

Anyways, I won’t make any promises and say I’ll be logging in more but I’ll promise see ya in a year or two!!!


Ratty!!! Welcome back! And stay the hell away from my shoes!


Welcome back, Ratty. Stay the hell away from my shoes as well. :slight_smile:


I make no promises to either of ya!!! :wink:


Now all we need is a Mole, Toad and a Badger… :slight_smile:

Heya Ratty, manage to keep ahead of CMOT Dibbler and his sticks? :slight_smile:

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I ran, I ran so far away!!! ~giggle~


The Rat back! Glad to know that there is still some whimsy floating around the universe.

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Oh, my, a Ratty and a Brazil sighting! Welcome back to the both of you!


I’m a lot fussier about my shoes these days, so mess with them at your own peril. :slight_smile:

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Badger? Badger??? We don’t need no stinkin’ badger!!!

Oh, like no one else was thinking it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


So, is that two of the four horsemen of the apocalypse?


Nope, I just wish I’d thought of it

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UHF is one of my top 10 movies to randomly quote. And Jeff’s, too.

“I’m thinking of somethin’ orange… somethin’ orange… Give up? It’s an ORANGE!”






I so whimsy the police are looking for me!! What? :wink:

Good find on the obit. “He had an adventurous spirit.” He also loved, among other things, storytelling. That’s… one way to put it.


I was thinking more of the crazy crap you post. The police are still after you with that warrant that reads “nude in public and lewd behavior with a watermelon, the local Paducah Community Theatre cast of ‘Death of a Salesman’, six geese, and a partridge in a pear tree while singing Neil Young lyrics to the music of ABBA”. Yeah, I know. That’s what you call whimsy, but Bjorn Ulvaeus and the partridge are still pissed off about it.

I still make it here at least once a day just to see if Nick or that Rat has made an appearance and to check out what kind of entertaining abomination Rizak has posted, but I usually just lurk.

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Rizak posting abominations?

Good to know, will keep an eye open for these.

I remember when Rizak first appeared on the scene. He still had “the Really Horrible” after his name and made 150 posts his first day on the board. It was madness.

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