What game event made you happy today?


Yeah, I’m pretty sure he was doing the narration with a smile planted on his face the entire time, but it’s still funny.


I lost an hour of my life watching more last night, and a couple times he does lose it and just starts laughing.


I’m sorry about that. :blush:


Today while playing infamous:SS I found the gum wall in Seattle, and the character made a comment on how it was gross


Reached max level of Bejeweled Blitz. (Which was only level 182. I thought I still had another 18 levels [and nearly 1 billion points] to go.)


The intro level to Saint’s Row IV.

Epic stupidity, and now I’m Neo.


Ahww man thats a fun game! The dlc for it great too! I found my self laughing my way through it!


I got all the DLC, Steam had the full version for about $7 total.

Every time I land from a super jump and stick the super hero landing I hear Deadpool clapping for me.


I meet the bare minimum PC specs for VR. Not that I would actually attempt it with this PC.

I’ve been dropping hints for a Gear VR for Father’s day to go with my new phone, just so I can give VR a try on the cheap.


It’s very important to find out if you are one of the ones who vomits uncontrollably after using it on the cheap.

I keep reading all sorts of stories of people getting shaky legs, massive headaches and being very tired after trying it.


There’s got to be one person in my home that won’t get sick. I’m pretty sure I can handle it, but I’ll never know until I strap it on.


So … it’s a lot like having sex?


Sources say ‘yes.’


My voyage of exploration in Elite:Dangerous has finished.

I left ‘home’ on December 28th, reached Sagittarius-A* on February 17th and arrived ‘home’ today. Total distance covered is in the order of 50,000LY. The value of the exploration data exceeded the amount required to reach ‘Elite’ by a good 45 million credits - and there I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough…

Now to examine all the mission updates and what-have-you that have been released in the last 6 months…


So all you did was fly for that time period? How many man hours was that?


Pretty much - jump between 0.5 and 30LY, map the system (star(s), any interesting planets), jump to next system, repeat several thousand times.

In terms of man-hours, I have no idea. The “flying time” display on my instrument panel said something like 6.5 days. But I take that with a bucket of salt because I once played all day (a good 6-8 hours) and it increased by about 1 hour.

I was so out of practise at docking that I nearly crashed when I finally reached home.


Finished the fourth constellation on Bejeweled Stars. I’m not sure, but I think they count stars earned on the Daily Challenge levels. 8)


I do not play Pokemon Go, but some of the memes and images going around are pretty darned funny.


Pokemon was pretty much after my time. I think it came out when I was in high school or maybe right after. It didn’t seem like anything that I would be remotely interested in, so I never paid it any attention.
Niantic, the folks that made the new Pokemon Go game, also made Ingress. From what I understand, they’re very similar, except different genres/backstories and something about throwing balls at the characters?? No more likely to appeal to me than the original Pokewhatever. But yes, some of the memes are a hoot! The guy that stopped on a freeway, actually put the car in park, so he could catch a Pokethingy … damn. I’ve never heard of an Ingress player exhibiting that level of stupid.