What game event made you happy today?


The “WINOFORCE” logo does glow in a nice shade of blue. Not that any of us can see it sitting inside that stock Lenovo case.


A new mod for Civ 4



That’s why I ended up ordering fans for my conversion project that are supposed to be quiet, but no other features. Not going to be visible in my old Mac Classic case.


Finished XCOM 2.

Only sad part was losing my only remaining original soldier two turns from winning the game.

Good game, will play again. Looking at the ending stats, it looks like I did slightly better than average at the veteran level.


If I contort my neck at a certain angle, I can see the logo glowing through a vent in the case. :slightly_smiling:

Anyway, this particular board had the features I wanted. For $40 or $50 more, I could have had slightly better overclocking headroom and full RGB lighting from the same manufacturer. Speaking of which, the number of board choices for this particular Nvidia card are insane. I enjoyed researching the various versions out there.

I let both my kids install the card with my guidance. All I did was pop off the side cover and remove the old card. They did the rest. I’m convinced that building a PC from scratch for the first time seems like a great idea for a family project in a couple of years. Having really doing nothing with PC upgrades over the past 15 years or so, I had a lot of fun replacing the power supply and GPU over the past couple of weeks. I have a case fan arriving tomorrow (along with an antistatic wrist band), for some positive pressure in the lower front of the case.


I think my second try at a CPU cooler has a blue LED or two on the fan…


When it comes time to order parts for a new computer, I’ll have to get a case with a window on the side.


Then WINOFORCE can be seen in all its inebriated glory.


They’re pretty hefty. The Frontier website has all the specs, but at least a quad-core i7, 8G of RAM, a pretty new video card and a permanent 'net connection.


The new trailer for Obduction came out, and it looks gorgeous.


Great time to be a gamer.


Invisible Inc is pretty dang awesome if you are into the action point based isometric game. Stealth based rather than shooty. It just feels more light and fun than a lot of the games I’ve been playing lately. And it’s kind of roguelike, so I don’t mind losing too much. Though I haven’t pulled off a partial loss yet, it’s been either a win, or a total defeat on a mission, at which point I start over, since you lose your agents. Haven’t even considered reloading and trying again until just now typing this.

And apparently No Man’s Sky will come out on my birthday.


Your birthday is Summer Solstice?


Yup, I used to tell my friends my birthDAY was longer than theirs.

I was that kid.


You’re two days after me then.


I graduated out of the Type 95 tank into the O-I Experimental tank.

And I’m considering going back to Eve Online.


And I’ve gone back to Eve Online, at least for my ten free days.

I forgot how pretty that game is. And I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m in a 57 million Isk battlecruiser so I’m scared to do anything.


Talk about distributed computing. A mini game inside Eve Online that is helping analyze human cells. Instead of the SETI leader boards, it’s paying you in game currency to do it.


When you take gaming way too seriously. I even run into this in GTA5 once in a while. Usually a clan running maneuvers in the northeastern mountains.

[some language]


Given that the video was taken by the serious dude, I’m guessing he was taking the piss - but he did it incredibly well :smile: