What game event made you happy today?


In a sign of what I consider to be good game design, this is getting easier, both because I’m getting guns that shoot through schools and because I’m learning the tactics.


I was playing XCOM 2 today, and I totally zoned out on my PC noise. It wasn’t till I shut the game down and every fan dialed down on my case that I realized exactly how much this game is stressing my PC. It is almost difficult to have a conversation over the noise.

I think they optimized it for turbo jet flight.


Got a small but unexpected bonus at work yesterday. I was on the fence for a new GPU lately and the bonus compelled me to pull the trigger on a GTX 970. The kids (especially my son) and I are going to be happy.

What's Your New Shiny?

I made it to Sagittarius-A* in my trusty Diamondback Explorer. (A whopping 25,999.54 light years from where I started.) Tempting to try and make it into the 65k club, but not this trip.


The people behind World of Tanks are doing a remake of Masters of Orion. I saw a let’s play and it looks right.

I was so disappointed at the last one that this really makes me happy and I’ll throw my money at it.


What are the system requirements like on Elite? Is it playable at lower resolutions?


I’ve been looking at that. From what I’ve seen, it looks like it’s based off of MoO3, which would be awful. I’m still playing MoO2 on a regular basis. If you play it, let me know what it’s like! If it’s more like 2, then I’ll buy it.


3 really killed me. I enjoyed one and two so much and was holding my breath for 3. And it was a different game than the last two. I can’t even remember why it was horrible, so I may be looking at the same issues and not recognizing them.


3 was horrible. They made it overly complex. They also made it so you had to do all of your star travel through ‘links’ rather than hyperspace. Have you played MoO2 on April 1st?


No I haven’t. I haven’t played 2 in ages.

And I remember the links now, and all the complicated crap I just put on automatic because I just wanted to play the game.

Hah, just looked it up, cute.


I last played 2 this morning. It’s still my go to game when I just want to play something.


I’ve never played Master of Orion. I’ve heard of it, obviously. It looks kind of like VGA Planets, which was a game I was way too involved in. Maybe I’ll take a look at FreeOrion when I get home.


MoO 1 was a bit rough because of the tech at the time but a good game. MoO 2 was awesome and I still play it. MoO 3 sucked balls and should not have even been called MoO.

If this new one is more like 2 and less like 3 I’ll give it a go.


This card rocks. Plain Minecraft at over 300 frames per second. The kids and I couldn’t be happier. All that’s left to do short term is an SSD and monitor upgrade, but it will be more towards the end of the year.


That’s a big honkin’ card. Two PCI slots?


Takes up two PCI slots, plugged into one. 31cm long so I had to measure before I ordered it. It has three fans driving an over-engineered cooling solution for a GTX 970. It also takes an 8 and 6 pin plug from the power supply for over-clocking headroom. Far Cry 4 is the most demanding game on the system at the moment and it runs butter smooth with all the pretty knobs turned to 11.


Very nice GPU there!


Hopefully we are set for a while…


Anyone else think it was the “Winoforce” graphics card?


This page is cool.

I found it last week, but they fixed part of it and it makes more sense now.

And yeah, I see winoforce. Which would make a great late night TV show.