What game event made you happy today?

I would recommend being careful with GOG. I didn’t start having the Unideals issue until after I bought a game from GOG.

And on some games, their downloader/installer works very funky.

I have a ton of their games too. I actually went from them to Steam because of the Humble Bundle. Maybe I’ll start buying duplicates from HB and go from there.

There are times when I think Humble Bundle is worse than a Steam sale… Man I’ve bought a lot of games from them.

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MInecraft: Storymode. Played episode 1 with the kids today (5 and 7). A little tense, but not too scary if you sit in daddy’s lap. It’s not the most sophisticated of plots or gameplay, but it’s a really lighthearted and fun take on the game dynamic used in things like Walking Dead, which was very well done but far too depressing for me to actually play.

First episode took about 3 hours; the second is out already, and the rest are due in the next few months. Game play is easier with a game pad than keyboard/mouse.

It’s a little silly, but I would play it even without the kids. (Of course, my top three television shows right now include Phineas and Ferb.)

I have no idea why Spintires is so satisfying, but I’ve been putting around in Russian trucks for two or three days now and it’s a blast, and frustrating as hell.

I got it via Humble Bundle with some other stuff I actually wanted, so it was like getting it free. So total bonus.

One of the guys I work with loves that game too. But then he also loves Euro Trucker, where you spend long periods of time doing absolutely nothing,

I’m not sure what that says about either game or him.

Idle games seem to be very popular right now. Sometimes it seems those are the only new games released on Kongregate.

I managed to beat every level on Cursed Treasure 2 ( http://www.kongregate.com/games/IriySoft/cursed-treasure-2 ). Now I just have to go back and get all of the stars and see if I can get the rest of the badges.

This is a game where the sequel was much better than the first (actually the first two, it’s kind of weird that way) because they toned the graphics down (The first two tried to be a little too realistic, and it just looked bad) to a more cartoonish style, they dropped some of the options, added a little more… and hands down it is a much more enjoyable game.

Gold level in all 15 scoring categories on Bejeweled Blitz. (Slowly, but surely I’m grinding to level 200. With my luck the day before I get there, that’ll no longer be the highest level.)

I occasionally play Crusader Kings II and, as such, almost any small success on that game could potentially get me put on a watch list.

For those not in the know, I’d consider CKII a prettier, but equally complex and frustrating, game akin to Dwarf Fortress and similar. Not as detailed (no tracking skin layers of characters) but it makes Civilization fans feel like they’re playing Risk. It’s a “dynasty simulator” in that you can keep playing from approximately 700-something to the late 1300s. It starts with real-ish history. You pick (or create) a character and play as them until the inevitably die of something horrible. Possibly an enemy’s assassination attempt.

The game play resembles Civ, if you created a Civ-like game from someone who read the instructions to the original Civilization board game, the PC game, and a few random texts thrown through the Google Translate round-trip a few times.

You don’t build armies… You upgrade your holdings so they generate bigger levies. The levies drain your income when raised, so you only raise them when needed. You’re not playing with a bunch of major powers likely to declare total war over minor insults. instead, your’e dealing with other nobles who order your family killed over minor insults. Want to go to war? You need a casus belli… A reason. A flimsy justification, perhaps. but whatever works.

War is just moving big blocks of troops. Choosing who should command is important, but is a risk, as the commander of an army might get killed.

So at a major level the core of the game is often referred to as a “noble breeding simulator.” You try to get your current ruler hitched to someone with good attributes in the proper terms such that you can use their offspring for their next generation. Get a really talented woman? You might want to adopt a heresy so you can change the laws and allow women rulers. The next person in line is an idiot? You may need to eliminate your descendants for the good of the realm…

It’s a surprisingly fun game at times. Recommended for someone who complains about Civ being unrealistic. it’s also maddening and frustrating.

So my highlight for the weekend was getting the Cathar heresy established in my Irish Trade Republic so I can use the best and brightest of my minions. Sure, her other stats suck, but that one courtier with the 23 Military and the Heavy Infantry Commander traits is the best leader for my armies and I don’t care that she’s a woman. I married her to a nephew to keep her local anyway.

That’s pretty mild for CKII, by the way. Advancing women’s rights is a far cry from the reddit CKII forum that tends to focus more on incest and the mutilation of one’s enemy’s.

My son’s birthday is this Friday and since he has slowly been converting over to the PC Master Race over the years, I ordered this keyboard for him today. I thought he would like a mechanical keyboard since his membrane based Corsair K30 is wearing out on him. There will no longer be eating allowed at the desk anymore.

Where else would he be getting board chow?

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I am already breaking that rule, but I will have to make an exception for coffee. It’s a very nice keyboard with all the bells and whistles. My son took to it like an expert and started his usual domination of some poor, unfortunate souls online, so I’m happy that I made a good choice.

Except for all the typos I had to fix with this post. The quick actuation is something I’m going to have to get used to with a mechanical keyboard along with the design choice Logitech made with the oddly shaped keycaps.

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I’ve got the same keyboard @Road_Rash. I agree with you about the oddly molded keycaps, but I was surprised with just how quickly I adjusted to them.

All in all, I’ve been very satisfied since I picked it up last March.

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I’m sure I’ll get used to it. There’s a reason the fastest PC is located in the living room where most of us hang out. :wink:

I’ll be preordering Xcom II soon. The latest humble bundle includes the expansions first remake, but the timing is too late. Not sure it’s worth it at this point, don’t think I’d play it much, if at all.

I’m playing the crap out of Rimworld right now, and I just finished Saints Row the Third last week. (OMG, I actually finished a game? What?)

I’m must be getting upgrade fever. While cleaning out the inside of the case last week, I noticed 2 open slots for more RAM so I ordered 2 more sticks and doubled it. There was a reason I switched to console gaming 15 years ago and I’m beginning to remember why. Now I’m starting to price new GPUs and power supplies to go with it.

My son is very happy with it. The rest of us are happy that it’s on the quiet side for having mechanical key switches.

It’s bittersweet, but if a game has to go out, it should go out like this.


If you haven’t played before (I play on Kongregate), you’re out of luck, because they have already disabled new player registration.

But they are pulling out all of the stops for this final month of the game. The purchasable in-game currency (Suns) is now purchasable only with the in-game currency that you basically get for clicking your mouse (credits) - when it used to be 30 Suns for $10.

They are re-spawning every world raid and rare spawn event they’ve ever had. This means players have a chance to score some of the rare equipment that can’t be gotten any other way.

And they are planning to give players a “welcome bundle” to one of their other games.

It’s sad to see it go, as it was a fun game with tons of innuendo, double-entendre, puns, irreverent pop references…

But if it has to end, this is the right way to do it. (Most games on Kongregate stop being supported with no notice, no warning, or just taken off the site without the slightest by-your-leave)

That’s pretty cool. I hope WoW has a world ending event when they kill the game off, assuming they every do.

I have 8 hours till I get to go home and play XCOM 2 and I hope it doesn’t suck.

XCOM2 has made me a save scumming slimeball.

I am so screwed every time I get off the skyranger.

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