What game event made you happy today?

Rather than pollute the “What made you happy today” thread over in “General”, I thought I’d create a gaming-specific thread here.

So - to start the ball rolling…

My Norse Bloodbowl team held a very aggressive and bash-happy Orc team to a 2-2 tie. I thought I had half a chance to wrangle a 2-1 win but just couldn’t stop the damned Orcs grinding their way down the field to score their second TD in the last turn.

I had a terrible run with the dice and eventually saw half my team off the field due to injuries inflicted. :frowning:

On top of that, my Yehtee got her first skill-up and my catcher scored her 3rd and 4th touchdowns for the season (and got a skill-up in the process). Woo!

I crashed my expensive Cobra Mk III into the front of a station trying to make an all-system-off inertial-only cold run into a station to avoid being scanned. It was a tense situation at the end of a long string of jumps, and I just totally botched it and bought the freaking farm. It was surprisingly hilarious, after the shock wore off.

Broke, starting over again, and loving it.


Elite:Dangerous, I presume? I’ve been watching that since the first KickStarter announcement. Freaking awesome looking game. I will be very, very tempted to buy it when/if the Mac version comes out.

Yep. It’s worth boot camping into Windows to play.

Not today, but with the help of a few (now) banned cards, I managed to defeat a buddy of mine in Magic on the 2nd turn a few years ago. Take that you freaking blue deck player!

Slapping a griefer down hard. He’s been gaming the system regularly by appearing to have a much weaker character than he actually does.

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Been watching LPs of Rimworld.

Looks like Dwarf Fortress with a graphical update and a Scifi setting.

I made it to ‘Competent’ in Elite.

I made it to 1024 in Dogs 2048.

I’ve never had so much fun with binary in my life.

Friday I tried to run World of Tanks on my laptop, and it worked.

I am now at least short term addicted. I spent a ton of time over the weekend playing. 120 games or so. I love Steel Panthers, so running around in a Type 98 Ke-Ni is a trip. Instead of watching them die against a marin infantry team, or a IG halfway across the map that I didn’t see, I get one shotted by a T18 hull down across the map in first person.

Anyone out there playing this one?

Made the top 20 high score board on Fall Down Flip with the best game I’d ever had by a wide margin. Then beat my own score after I got home. :grinning:

Steam not only has fixed the problem that prevented Civ IV from running on Mac OS 10.10 (finally), they had it on sale today. So something that I was planning to buy anyway didn’t cost me near as much as I’d been planning to spend. Yeah, me. 8)

Made number one on the daily list on this game, more than doubling my previous best score. Up to 70th on the all time list. Yeah!

Finally got into Baldur’s Gate II EE. Lots of old-fashioned AD&D 2e weirdness and such. (Really. I don’t think you ever got to the town of Baldur’s Gate in this game, but you do visit the Abyss, a few other planar locations, and can buy some gear that ‘slipped in’ from Planescape.)

This could be in a lot of different threads but here seems best.

I finally splurged and bought a new laptop. Surface 3 Pro. i7 256GB model. First new laptop evar. Works great and can play a lot of my Steam games with a controller and or using a mouse/keyboard. But sometimes I don’t want to lug that around and I’ve been playing a lot of touch games. Shadowrun is awesome on it BTW. So I finally found something that works in giving my tablet a touch interface.

GestureWorks Gameplay

It overlays a touch interface on any game and the best part is it’s customizable. You create what you want and where. Normally that wouldn’t warrant a post for everyone but there’s a little twist some of you might like. You can create several screens for each game including a mobile version. So you download their free app from the store of your choosing and it connects via Bluetooth to your system. You then use your phone as a controller, again customized to your liking. It’s not perfect (Terraria took some tweaking) but it will make almost any game playable on a tablet or touch interface.

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Ohhh, I forgot about this topic.

I finished Badlands 2 over the weekend. I haven’t finished a game in I don’t know how long.

Throwing up the George Signal here, two questions.

  1. I’d like to play Steam games with my daughter, does this mean she needs her own steam account and I need to buy the games again?

  2. Anyone know a decent, but simple, turn based Civ type game she and I could play? I need to do some digging myself, but the answer to #1 kind of makes a difference.

I believe so. However, there IS a “family sharing option” where you can enable it so you can play games on her account and vice versa, but not at the same time.

For a potentially stupid answer, have you looked at FreeCiv to see if it does the job for you? It may be a bit crude by modern standards, unfortunately.

It depends on the game. Some games you can run with one of you online & the other offline, but others need to have you both online.
I’d say try it and see, if it doesn’t work then you need to buy the second copy.

You might want to look at GOG as an alternative. Since their stuff isn’t centrally DRM’d like Steam you might have more flexibility. It would just wouldn’t be as easy to hop into someone else’s game.

Oh yeah and that GestureWorks app I mentioned earlier works on any executable on the system and not just Steam games.