What game are you playing today?


It is very weird and i found it to be a great game when my fiend loaned it to me, it is not a game i would have paid for. But that’s a personal opinion


I bought a Nintendo switch and the legend of Zelda game. I have always been a huge fan of Zelda, but not a fan of open world games. This game truly is amazing, it is a solid 8/10. Just like every game it has its flaws and things i dont like, but its a very enjoyable game. I would highly recommended it if you have a wiiu , or wait on the switch till the library is larger.


Playing Oceanhorn. It is a Legend of Zelda clone for Android, very nice.

What put me off a game is crafting in the game. I just want to play, not gathering stuff to make stuff, it just put me off for some reason. (Blockheads is such a game, gonna uninstall it)

If Nintendo want some extra income, they should look at coding a Legend of Zelda for Android.

TBH I cannot see the appeal of the Nintendo Switch as I am used to play on my android device. Recently I have signed up for a new contract just to get a 10" tablet (huawei) for games and watching movies.

And I have tried the new Mario Run game for Android, tbh it is a futtup as you cannot go back if you missed some coins.


I finished Torment: Tides of Numenara.


Getting further along in Andromeda. Met the angara, who don’t want to kill me. Which was a nice change after the kett answering my attempts at first contact with gunfire. Many of the former sound Australian, which is making me laugh. Apparently voice actors from Down Under are cheaper.


So is the switch cool or silly?


Could have been like Borderlands: The Pre Sequel, which constantly reminds you that the moon is for some unexplained reason heavily Australian compared to the planet the rest of the game is set on, which leans to a more US Country-Western accent.


Gratch LOVES the Witcher. I got her the first one after they fixed everything on a whim while walking through the store. She’s played the first 2 several times. She had some power issues while playing the last one (get a Power Supply with dedicated rails if you have a high end video card) that deterred her from fully enjoying it but it’s all fixed and if she wasn’t in school, she’d be playing right now.

According to her, you don’t need to have played the first 2 but it does enhance the back story. She recommends it.


Does “Waiting for Planescape: Torment: Enhanced: Edition” count? Just a couple more days…


Playing P:T:E:E now (well, earlier. I’m at work, folks.)…

Excellent mobile port (on IOS, at least). Lots of good UI tweaks (I never thought about how late 90s/early 2000s radial menus were) and the sprite outlines work well on a mobile where the screen is small.

It’s pretty much the original game: Content tweaks were very limited and involved Chris Avellone, who ran the origional. So mostly typos, weird wordings, and similar. No really “new” stuff like new/restored content or the add-on NPCs from the previous Beamdog EE games.


I’ve been playing Tradewinds Classics a bit more and have got it almost down to a “speedrun”. Current record is a billion in gold in about 9 years 6 months.

One technique I figured out is that if you start off with one or more ships that have quite a few cannons, you can sell some of them to give you a little extra cash because the first groups of pirates will be pretty weak. After a few battles, buy 'em back. Another is that if you don’t have a lot of gold on hand to buy what you need because most of it is in the bank, it’s better to visit the moneylender for a quick loan that you can repay in a month or two. You’ll get more in interest from the bank than what you’ll be charged by the moneylender.


I sense broken mechanics.


I took today off because we have a contractor coming in and I have literally nothing to do at work (Whoo hoo for still being new and a team that is going in several directions at once) so I snagged Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. The problem is Gratch is working in the same room and I don’t want to be smacking her upside the head while she’s on a conference call…


Woodman, not really. Money deposited in the bank earns 10% interest per month. Money borrowed from a moneylender is charged 10% interest per month.

If you have 10,000,000 in the bank and you borrow 5,000,000, you earn 1 million and are charged 500,000. Net result is 500K profit for the month. Compound interest comes into effect very quickly.

Since this is the first in the Tradewinds series, other game mechanics are also simpler: traveling between ports takes one month regardless of distance, you have unlimited cannonballs for combat, money deposited in one bank is share, and you always get first shot in a battle, which are turn based.

Later in the game when I have over a dozen ships and have them loaded up with enough cannons to obliterate most of the bigger ships on the first volley, I can’t help myself but say, “You really need to leave while you still can because I just took out your entire fleet.” But since the pirates don’t have a flee or dump cargo option like the player does, it’s fun to watch somehwere around 100 cannonballs all converge on that last, smallest ship.


Got it, leverage.


I should pick that up. That can sit alongside all the other isometric RPGs I’ve got that I put a few hours into before getting distracted by another game (curse you, WoW and Stellaris!) and completely forget about.

That list is now populated by all the Baldur’s Gate games, Pillars of Eternity, Torment: Numenara, and whatever ones from the D&D bundle I bought through GoG that I haven’t downloaded yet.


Frickin’ Seedship.
I keep going back to it.
It’s like The Game from that episode of ST:TNG


I’m not sure if I should be proud or horrified.


Well, it isn’t quite as bad as The Game, but I do run though it a couple times a day. It would be nice to break 13,000


We just played my new copy of Robo Rally. Fun game, even in its ninth edition or so.