What game are you playing today?


Playing the new Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars. It’s essentially MoO 4 but made by a different company. I never got much into the abomination that was MoO 3 but I played the crap out of MoO 2 (and MoO 1 to a lesser extent). There is enough similarity to MoO 2 to be engaging but there are some differences to be sure. It’s still worth the money IMO.


I’ve been playing the new MoO too. I still prefer MoO 2, though.


Is it still a struggle until you hit that point and them steamroll the whole universe?

It looks pretty, is there any point to the prettiness or is it all a interface upgrade to old stuff?


It can be a struggle, especially if the Antarans are present. One big difference is that in MoO 2 when the Antarans attack one of your systems, they show up, bomb the crap out of one of your planets, and disappear. In the new one they stick around. So you’re not producing anything in that planet/system until you can mop them up and remove the blockade. Otherwise it depends on what the other races are in the game. Some of them are more militaristic than others. They also added a couple new victory conditions (economic and technological, the former is hard, I pretty much stumbled into it while trying to complete a conquest victory, which is a lot more difficult than in MoO 2). As for the prettiness it makes the battles look pretty cool, although the battles are now RTS rather than turn based.


Finished Battle for Middle Earth II and while it was enjoyable, I don’t remember it being that fast-paced when I last played it years ago. Got the urge to do some empire-building so I installed Civ 5 with all of its DLCs again. Last time, I installed it on my secondary non-SSD drive and it made load times incredibly long. This time, I installed it on the primary SSD and load times are normal.

Maybe I shouldn’t have installed it because now I’m getting addicted. Current game has only four nations on a small map and I managed to get stuck on the same continent as England, who I have trade relations with. I’m mulling over whether I want to invade them so I can focus on taking over the rest of the map alone. Also, I turned off all victory conditions except Domination so I have no choice but to be a warlord.


Hah, pro-tip… this will happen more and more often as you age.


Maybe that explains why I’m favoring turn-based games more than the RTS variety lately.


Anyone play The Witcher 3? I keep hearing how awesome it is and how lame the games I’m playing are.

And if you have played it, should I play 1 and 2 first?


I know people that really enjoyed The Witcher 3. I haven’t heard that the previous games need to be played to enjoy it.


Got my hands on Mass Effect Andromeda last night. Starts a bit slow but once I got to where the main story kicks in it got better. A few callbacks to the original trilogy so far (I feel like I should be talking about Star Wars when I say that :slight_smile: ) and I’m digging the combat system. I’m only about four hours in though so I haven’t formed many other opinions yet. Looks promising so far.


Made it to Beagle Point on Sunday or Monday.

If I was asked to describe the view from this far away from Earth, I’d have to say “The sky is very black, and there aren’t a lot of stars out here.”


Panda Pop. Still. Because I haven’t the brain cells for anything else…


According to my wife, I spent way too much time playing Fallout 4 while I was sick for the last week plus. I think I explored all of Nuka-World. I found the Relentless Gauss Gun, beefed it up a bit - it is awesome. I’m doing some of the side-quests for the gang bosses until I decide to kill them off - from what I understand, you have to kill them off before you can fire up the Nuka-World power station.

In another DLC module… Last night, I got pretty far along in tracking down the Mechanist, but it got to be time for bed, so I had to stop.


You don’t need to kill the gang bosses before firing up the power station. In fact it’s better not to as you would lose out on the gang perks if you did so. You can kill the gang bosses after firing up the power station without penalty though. Just make sure you get the gang perks first, then go postal.

The problem I have with the Nuka-World stuff is that you can’t really do it in an existing game. As soon as you start raiding in the commonwealth then your relationship with the Minutemen and the BoS goes down the toilet. If you haven’t already got Preston’s perk then you can kiss it goodbye as your relationship with him is permanently hostile.

I’ve recently started a new game specifically so I can do the Nuka-World content. If you do all the Nuke-World content before meeting Preston then the Minutemen and the BoS don’t exist so your relationship with them cannot be harmed.
The only problem is that you really need things like ballistic weave and a lot of the gun perks in order to get through the gauntlet. I was about level 40 when I went into Nuka-World, as I wanted the level 4 gun and armour modifications.
I’ve just finished Nuka-World and I’ve met Preston for the first time at level 53 :smile:


Ok, thanks for the info. I may have hit a bug or something because I can’t find the key to open the office on the roof of the power station. I thought I read online that killing the gang bosses would make the key available. I already cleared all the parks and have gangs assigned to them.
Hmm, I may have jinxed myself when I accidentally killed a couple raiders inside the power plant… I was tying to wipe out a cluster of ghouls, but they got in the crossfire. But they didn’t have they key on them, so I dunno. I only did a quickie cursory google about the power plant thing - maybe I should dig a little deeper. :spy:

Probably after I see what happens in RobCo, though.
:robot: :gun:


You need to have 3 raider outposts in the commonwealth before the power plant opens.

The alternative is to kill all the gang bosses, but as I said that means you don’t get the gang perks.


My character is already over level 100, so I’ll probably go back to NW and go postal on the bosses.


Some of the gang perks are really good.

The operator perk gives you extra stealth when in shadows, and an extra 25% damage to silenced weapons.
This is huge.
I have one gun that gives over 200 damage already. Add an extra 50 to that, and multiply by 5x for sneak attack damage and that’s 1250 damage. This gun can one shot kill the higher level deathclaws.


I thought the Operator perk was the most useful looking one, too.

My Relentless Gauss gun is well over 300 damage rating, so with various multipliers, I’ve been able to do one shot kills on big enemies, too. (deathclaws and sentry bots!) It’s pretty kick ass. :sunglasses:


Trying to finish (finally) Life is Strange, which I’ve owned on Steam for several years. It’s… good? Very well done. It’s strange for me. I’m very character-focused, but I basically hate most of the characters. But I do very much want to see how the story comes out. The mechanics of the game and the plot twists are very well done.