What game are you playing today?


I WINE’d it to work on MacOS years ago, but the native version is so much less awful :smiley:

I love both of them, but think the story in 1 is better than 2, but the gameplay in 2 is better.


I can agree with that. The early Fallouts are similar: Fallout 1 has a better story (mainly because it’s more focused, and the introduction is better), but Fallout 2’s UI has some massively improved features I have trouble living without.


Ok, so having only ever played Fallout 4… and assuming I ever “finish”… would it be worth going back and exploring the old ones? (assuming I can find them el cheapo) As much as I have been enjoying 4, I’ve heard that it is a lot different from the others, so I could easily imagine not liking the older ones.


Fallout 1, 2, and Brotherhood of steel are isometric turn based RPGs. Think more the love child of Pool of Radience and Baldur’s Gate and Xcom.

Everything cost a certain amount of action points, like XCOM, not in combat you just wandered around the tops popping off buildings when you went in them. The character building was innovative, no classes if you wanted to get better at X, put points in it. It was awesomesauce. And the quests were cool. And the game was difficult, if you took to long it would actually end. And occasionally you ended up in situations where the only smart thing to do was run away.

That all being said, it was hard to get into last time I fired it up.
Part of it was that everything was so new and different, “War, war never changes” was something we’d never heard before. And it was the Apocalypse in a Diesel Punk world thing.


@RoadRunner the Far Harbor and Nuka-World DLCs are pretty good. The others are kind of meh but if you’re into the whole settlement building and crafting thing they have some cool new stuff. And yes there is more than one possible outcome.


Bah. It wouldn’t apply my edit again…

EDIT was: I just looked at a couple screenshots. It looks like the old Warcraft/Starcraft games… diagonal overhead view. Odd. Gameplay must be totally different. I only play F4 in first person view. I don’t like the over the shoulder view. That may be why I’ve hated the Gears of War series on the 2 or 3 times I’ve tried to get into it.

So, that probably matches up with some of what @Woodman was sayin’.
I supposedly got Fallout 3 for free when I bought either Fallout 4 or the DLC package, so I guess I’ll give it a go if I ever get tired of walking around the Commonwealth.


You can usually find the old Fallout series on the digital stores. GOG has them for $10 a piece and they occasionally have sales. They wrap the game in a DOS Box client so it’s easy to run on modern machines. I think they are worth it but then again, I still have my original boxes and media so I’m not sure I’m a good person to ask…


Yeah, yeah, replying to my own post…

Currently a smidgin over 56kLY from Sol (as the photon travels), having crossed the Mare Desperationis to the Scutum-Centaurus Arm, skirting the edge of The Abyssal Plain. Next stop is Beagle Point, about 41kLY ahead of me.


Fallout 1 & 2 are fun, but they’re very different games. If you like that kind of game, more power to you!

Otherwise, it might not be a great fit for you. The engine is a little cranky at times, and I remember FO1 had an ‘interesting’ thing where you had to make your companions holster their guns every time you entered a friendly settlement or they’d be assumed hostile.

Still, it’s Fallout! These would probably run on tablets with a bit of work: I have the Baldur’s Gate games on my iPad, and Fallout would be an excellent addition.


Still bashing it out with soft pixel dungeon

So frustrating this permadeath thing. Grrrr.


Still got Master of the Empire for OS/2. And while I’m faffing around with a vmware server, can just as well create an OS/2 VM and give it a bash…


Blockheads. Whole family.



Been playing strategy and building games lately. A bit of Dawn of Discovery, some Cities: Skylines, and recently a nostalgic trip with Battle for Middle Earth II. Occasionally I also go back to Brigador, which reminds me so much of the old Syndicate games.


Sims 4. With aging turned off so I can reach the top of multiple careers and make a ton of money.


My daughter’s favorite game. EA is making a killing off of her with all the expansion packs.


Syndicate, eh?

/trundles off for inspection


Meh, not out for android… but it may turn out to be an abomination like dungeon keeper…



Even while playing it it was better in my head than on the PC. Awesome game, and it painted great pictures of crazy stuff going on, without actually being that amazing.


I’m hoping it doesn’t get the same treatment specifically because of how DK turned out.

On the bright side, at least the game and its more chaotic sequel (Syndicate Wars) are on GOG.


I’ve been playing Tradewinds Classic quite a bit recently. Nice casual trading game and in my most recent save game file, I have over $600 million in the bank and a full array of ships. I came up with a sheet where I can keep track of what to sell and buy at each port from the tips picked up in taverns, what’s in my warehouses at what price and what features are available at each port. It’s not too hard to rack up a lot of money with this simple tracking.

But it’s reached the point where every time I sail to a new port, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I have to fight pirates. New ships aren’t available as quickly to replace the ones that sink, especially if I encounter pirates twice on a trip.

I’m having to limit trips to between the three ports where ships are available for sale, but they don’t appear as quickly as I lose ships, so once I start losing them, the game’s over pretty quickly.

There’s four other games in this series which I just bought so I can switch between them. If I come up with trading sheets for them, I’ll try to post them here.


Off Pixel Dungeon for now. Guess it’s the permadeath that did it. Lol.

Will look at new shinies from next week.