What game are you playing today?


Is there anyone else out that far? Is there even NPCs out there?


I found a small game from this guy named notch , called drop.
It is a typing speed test game and its a bit fun.


I only play in ‘Private Group’ or ‘Solo’ because I’m anti-social. So the only other players I see are those in the same group, and they’ve all moved to ‘Open’ play to go and hunt griefers.

NPCs?? Nope, haven’t seen one in months - not since I left Maia.

The closest I’ve been to seeing another player is a system that someone else has already explored.


Free Flow

Basically you have to draw lines connecting dots on a matrix. But it is not so simple as it looks.

But it is great for the brain.


Any game that require you to “grind” just put me off after playing a long while.


They have three different versions of this. The one you describe, another with ‘bridges’ that allow the paths to cross and the latest, which is hexagon based, instead of square based. Personally, I find the last one a little easier than the other two.


The one I play is the one with squares, but you get a bridge or two thrown in at random times as well.

Will try the hexagon based one just for kicks.

At this stage I do the daily puzzle, they have random sized grids.


Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together with my daughter.

Fun games. But for Christmas I hope to swing a Raspberry Pi to run a Minecraft Forge server on. We’ll see how it goes.


I bought final fantasy 15, beat it (in under 30 hours). Now to 100% it. Its fun but the story was mediocre. Square enix will be updating and adding the story in. Literally the story was almost not there, so they are adding more, plus some extra teammates, and a avatar editor system(what ever that even means with this game). Over all i enjoyed it, it was worth my $90 (USD). Simply because the world is fun to run around (EVEN IF THE SCALING IS F**KING OFF), the monsters are fun to fight, and the quests are great.
Solid 6/10. It needs story fixes(LIKE PUT ONE IN), more outfits(total of 4 with out dlc), more weapons(There is like a total of 20 or so), refine and make the magic worth using, make summons actually summon-able(your team all has to be dead, plus locational factors, and time factors, oh and holding the summon button doesn’t do anything for about15-30 seconds and if your hit in that time you have to restart, and there is no way to really tell if you are summoning, and you cant pick who you summon).


Wait… it was worth $90, but only rates 6/10? Dude. That ain’t right. Something doesn’t add up. If I’m paying 90 frickin’ dollars for a game, it better break the scale and rate an eleven!

Final Fantasy isn’t a franchise I’ve ever played, or even seriously considered. But not every game is for everyone.


I got the special edition that came with the movie. Witch it turns out you have to watch before you play ff15.
I have played several of the final fantasy games and loved them. 15 is a really fun game and i like it a lot it just needs to be better. I got my moneys with out of it(in my opinion) i actually really enjoyed the time i spent playing it. I just wish it had be better.


My fiancé bought FFXV and has so far been playing FFXIV instead. The control mapping on the PS4 pad is abominable, and I think they realised this so there is an alternate control layout.

Which is worse.

I’ve not played it and to be honest I haven’t played any of them (I love the music from VI and the character styles of the 2D ones, and I really should play them), but just from looks I find myself rather confused as to why cars need to exist, why they would have Earth music in something which is supposed to be far far away, the entire concept of the King sending his only son out into the world to meet his new wife in a car filled with two weirdos, one kinda sexy strong guy with a disappointingly overcompensating sword, and a car that couldn’t even last throughout the opening credits without breaking down. This kid is royalty, and the world contains many, many animals that kill you relatively easily, and instead of sending him by airship or chocobo (which I still have yet to see in the new game) you send him out into the world with a flaky car and a bunch of people who could be best described as Westlife.

On the other hand, I’ve been playing a lot of 2048 because I’ve decided that casual mobile gaming is the best platform for tile slide puzzle games. You have to combine tiles with equal values to create a single tile of double value, and the aim is to get to a tile with value 2048, in a 4x4 grid, and every time you move the tiles a new tile gets added.

So far I’ve not gotten higher than 512 with two 256’s tantalisingly close to each other. Sigh.


2048 is based of a game called threes, same exact concept just a few months older.


And yet my DS8 and DS9 can’t stop playing…


I’ve been playing Fallout 4 while I’ve been home sick. Still on my first time through. Enjoying the scenery, so to speak.

Step son keeps asking if I’ve finished it yet, or ‘beat it’. But about half the time, when I ask if he’s seen this or that, he says no. With all the available choices to be made, it seems like there is more than one possible outcome.

I preordered the DLC, but have not yet looked to see how to access Far Harbor or any of the other goodies.


I got Planetary Annihilation last week. It’s Total Annihilation’s step grandson. I like asymmetric sides, which this doesn’t have, I don’t like commander dies game ends as the only win condition, I love the multi planet game sphere, as well as the option to strap a big rocket on a moon and smash a planet. I don’t like that the one time I tried that the bad guys caught me and nuked the facility.

I love the ease of modding, especially since the default AI is retarded. The modded AI is a challenge.

Graphics are clean, and after adding a mod that changes the colors of the shooting it’s pretty. I’m trying to work my way to more advanced strategies than a slow zerg rush.

And it was $4.99 last Friday. I think so far that works out to about $.50 an hour in entertainment. I expect it to at least make it down to $.10


I’m back to Stellaris, now playing as highly militaristic rainbow-colored butterflies. World domination is going slowly due some xenophile pacifist neighbors who keep declaring war on me!


Resonance of Fate (on PS3). Strange battle system that took awhile to get the hang of. You basically control 3 players simultaneously. Story line reveals itself as you progress, so I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be aiming for so I just keep battling baddies and leveling up. I’m 60 hours in and still only about a third of the way through. Not bad for a bargain bin pick at Fry’s.

I wanted something different after finishing all but the latest Gears of War and Borderlands. RoF is definitely different.



Because damn.

Also because HK-47 is the best character in any Star Wars game.


Yeah, I played KOTOR a couple years ago when it finally came out fro Mac and enjoyed it.

(Really, it was like an 11 year delay for unknown reasons. I thought it was bad when there was a freak-out due to the mac version of Starcraft taking a year to come out!)