What game are you playing today?


I have been playing Destiny. Again… good lord why do i keep playing this game, it so just middle of the road and generic that it hurts. It has so much cool stuff in it but damn its bad.


Late to the party, but I picked up Pocket Planes on my iPad a few days ago and I’m kinda hooked.

If anyone else is playing it and wants to try teaming up as a Flight Crew, maybe we can start a BigDino crew?


Pocket plans? Googled it, can’t find any reference to it.

Got a hit with pocket planes, but it is for iOS only, no android versions.


Got pocket trains on the play store though, will gief that a go instead.


Yeah, that’s Pocket Planes. Edited to fix.


I downloaded the demo of Destiny - I think it lets you play the first few levels. I got partway through the third area, but it didn’t hold my interest. Not sure why. Maybe the controls are just different enough from the Halo and Wolfenstein games that they don’t feel as natural to me. Anyway, I was glad I never bought it.

It is time for me to go looking for a discounted Xbox Live Gold code.


I played that for a while. There was a plane you could get that was basically an X-Wing fighter that was fun as a high-speed low-cargo option.


Pocket trains seems to be high maintenance. Scratch that then.


Hm. Reloaded Pocket Planes today as it’s that kind of day. Sadly my save was lost, so new cool X-Wing doing high-speed passenger runs coast-to-coast.

From what I’m remembering, unless you’re actually doing work or something, don’t use the waypoint system (I.E. fly to City A, then continue to City B) as a seat flying empty is a seat not making you money.


I started playing League of legends, its pretty fun, to bad the community is hateful, rude, derogatory, and crude.


So…it’s inhabited by reddit?


Nah, I said closer to 4chan with how rude and hateful people are.


1d4chan is like that, but it’s ritualistic.

Very little actual heat in the vitriol.


yeah thats kinda league, although some get way to angry over just a game.


I’ve finally replaced my MacBook with a spiffy new Windows machine (which I’m still getting the hang of). One of my first acts as a Windows user reborn was to get Minecraft and Steam accounts. I play Minecraft with the boys now, and it’s hilarious. :slight_smile: It’s been made even better by downloading a My Little Pony resource pack that is EVERYTHING. :laughing:

This is a house the boys helped me build, with a creeper out front.

I made @Sig buy the Sierra Humble Bundle a month or two ago so I could get all the new King’s Quest games, and the first episode of the new one has been pretty fun so far. Steam was a little confusing at first, but I think I’ve got the hang of it now.


Wow, I use the Sphax skin and I’ve loaded Mo’ Creatures for my daughter.

We’re going to build a raspberry pi server for Minecraft the next month or two.


Is anyone else excited for final fantasy 15’s launch in a few days?
I’m preparing to disappear from the world for a few days after its launch.



Nah, deleted it. Not to my liking.


I realized something while getting curb stomped playing Age of Wonders III vs the AI Campaign on the 10th or more attempt on the second mission.

I don’t want to be Caesar, I just want to curb stomp everyone. I put it on easy difficulty, now instead of playing for an hour, getting stomped and starting over, I’m enjoying myself.


Still playing Elite:Dangerous.
Still in ‘Explorer’ mode.
Currently ~35kLY from Sol, making a counter-clockwise circumnavigation of the galaxy
At my present rate of travel, I should be ‘home’ in about a year.