What game are you playing today?


I was wondering is there any good DnD games/clones out there for PC that are single player?

im finding really hard to get a group and i really just want to play so why not a game version.
I am aware of the mmo one and as i cant stand mmo games.


See if you can find Baldur’s Gate or NeverWinter Nights. They can be played multiplayer, but you can play them single player too.


Pillars of Eternity gets good reviews. Modern re-visioning of the Baldur’s Gate style of games.


Baldur’s gate is on steam, but there are like 4 of them. What about the divinity games?


I only played the original version. NeverWinter Nights is better than the original Baldur’s Gate. I’m not sure about the updated versions.


Oh, I picked up Shadows of Mordor and Gauntlet Slayer Edition over the weekend. SoM punishes you for being in a hurry, it’s not a jump on for a few minutes kind of game.


Shadows of Mordor is a fantastic batman clone!


I would recommend going for the Enhanced Editions of the Baldur’s Gate games as they run on modern hardware without quite so many compromises.The EEs have tweaked some content, and there’s some controversy over the “Siege of Dragonspear” add-on, but it’s an overall improvement.

Baldur’s Gate is the first game in the series. It’s a little rough, as it takes a lot from the old-fashioned RPG design of giving you a vague end-goal and letting you do a lot of the decision-making to get there. You will need to deal with the eccentricities of 2e ADND rules at times. it can be very punishing at low levels as you’re very weak at first. On the plus side, this makes the later levels feel more impressive.

The EE version also includes The Black Pits which is relatively simple “arena” scenario unrelated to the main game. Also a couple new characters (paid individually on the Mobile version) for the main scenario. As of right now, this has the “2.0 tweaks” which include some changed graphics (heavier borders around characters), arguably improved UI (If nothing else, they changes the ‘spellbook’ interface so you don’t need to memorize spell icons!) and similar.

Baludr’s Gate: EE also has DLC to purchase called Siege of Dragonspear which is new content for a decades-old game. This is a sort of ‘bridging’ scenario linking BG to BGII, although you can make a new character for it. This was the center of the recent complaints as there’s an NPC who may be transgender and a couple lines of dialog that probably should have been skipped. It includes the original expansion to Baldur’s Gate as integrated content.

Baldur’s Gate II: EE is what many think of as the gem of the series. Note that while BG is pretty much “standard” fantasy, BGII has references to a lot of the weird stuff that was part of D&D in the late 2e era like planar travel, spaceships, and similar. It is a direct sequel to BG (with Siege of Dragonspear bridging the gap) and finishes up the plot. It includes the Throne of Bhaal add-on, origionally an expansion pack, and has The Black Pits II, another “Arena” scenario, albeit with a twist.

Finally there’s Icewind Dale which is seen as a bit more ‘combat oriented’ than the previous. In all three/four of these games you make a character, but in Icewind Dale (and the Black Pits scenarios) you make an entire party of 6. Icewind Dale is a bit less interesting of a plot and uses random drops over unique weapons at times, but it a fun scenario. The EE edition really isn’t a huge change beyond compatibility and including the expansion pack.

There’s hope they’ll release the other games using the same engine: Planescape: Torment, often considered a masterpiece, and Icewind Dale 2, which uses 3rd edition rules. These are considered a much bigger project, though.


And Minsc and Boo!!!


The great-granddaddy of all isometric games can be found here : http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0009366


At the moment I’m sort of a casual gamer :slight_smile:

  • Soft, Sprouted and Unleashed Pixel Dungeons, I tend to play a little bit, the deeper you go, the more difficult it gets.
  • Then Bad Piggies, Word Search, Little Alchemy, Flow Free and Scrabble for odd times
  • RPG : Exiled Kingdoms, Forgotten Tales, Lords of Midnight and Doomdark’s Revenge
  • Then I also have Twisty and The Eighth Continent
  • And last, but not least, flight pilot simulator. (very seldom)


Go for the eyes, Boo! GO FOR THE EYES!


I’m spending my day off playing my favourite childhood game - Star Wars: Dark Forces. Out of interest, I tried playing it in 1:1 scaling to remind myself just how crappy VGA graphics were.

Jesus they were crappy.


Oh wow its so small! I haven’t played that game since I bought it last year. It so small!


That’s what she said!

(Not to me, of course :wink: )


JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I should have guessed that joke would be made.


That’s what she said.


Hey if you’re going to chuck it right down the middle of the plate, don’t be surprised when someone swings at it. :slight_smile:


Fun game! I seem to remember an Easter Egg where you could map out a silhouette of Max somewhere in that one, but its been years…


That would be Level 8; Anteevy Ice Station Beta. In the starting area if you walk forward you drop onto a ledge, you go right along that ledge into a cave. Walk round the perimeter of the cave and it draws out Max’s head. There’s also an Extra Life on his nose, which is cute.

The first level also has an entire secret area that requires a lot of jumping to get to; from the Eastern platform you need to jump into a cave, grenade a wall to reveal a switch, which opens a door revealing another switch which lowers a section of what you previously assumed was a map perimeter wall, and hey presto, another section of the base. With interrogation droids. And another Extra Life.

Come to think of it, because it was released as the demo, the first level has the most hidden areas in the game. Not including areas you can only get to with the LAPOGO, LABUG or LAHREF cheats…

Also I think it’s a good throwback to the humour of the times that the cheat for all teh guns is LAPOSTAL.