What game are you playing today?


Stay a while and listen.


I am having the worst luck getting past the first night. Gave up to play Octopath and Mario Odyssey. Lmk if you find any tricks. :thinking:


Training Dinos is more important than you think. And get used to dying…


Watch out for the seagulls and the pegomastaxes, they both steal your stuff. Try to get a ranged attack for them as they steal as soon as they are within melee range.
Dilophosaurs will blind you and then kill you. I died to them so many times to start with. Wait until they fan their crests out and then run to the side so their attack misses. They are quite easy to kill other than that.
Level up as much as you can as quickly as you can, and learn as many engrams as you can, but concentrate on the survival stuff first - axe, housing, clothing, sword (probably in that order).
The axe makes it far easier to get supplies.
The housing means warmth, as does the clothing
The sword means you can defend yourself better.

This. So much this - both parts.
Training Dinos is definitely not your immediate first priority (that would be survival), but after you are able to survive then start training.

There is nothing cooler than riding around on a T-Rex :laughing:


Something my daughter and I have run into both in our shared server and on our solo games is you can get stuck in a death cycle.

You have all this crap on you and you die, and maybe you have dinos with you that are in danger of dying. So you random spawn and start running naked from who knows where to who knows where. And of course you get ambushed by a raptor and instakilled. Or you run out of stamina and get eaten by a piranha while trying to cross a creek. And then you are even more desparate, and one of your dinos died, so you try even harder, and just keep dying and dying. Until you slow down, maybe prep at least a pick axe and grab some berries, figure out where you really are and go in slow, and die anyway…

Meanwhile, 75% of the time you could have gotten most of it back in 15 minutes and then went and collected your crap calmly. The other 25% it’s just not worth it.

This also applies if you have a bed because it has a cooldown on it. So the first time you run off and then get even more frustrated when you have to randomly spawn the second time.


Make 3 or 4 beds :slight_smile:
Also, have a small supply of survival gear inside a container in the hut you have your beds. Replenish as needed.

You also need to get used to the fact that your dinos will die. I got my level 50 Spino killed because I got into a fight with 2 alpha raptors :cry: . He could handle 1 at a time easily enough, but I didn’t realise there were actually 2 of them. My level 65 Rex can’t handle 2 at a time.


I’ve done the math and it’s going to cost me about $3k to build a system capable of handling Cyberpunk 2077 when it comes out next year.

That makes me a sad panda.

I guess I should start saving up now.


Took a break from Witcher 3 and have been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Have to say, the game is faithful to the overall feel of its origin and I’m loving it despite doing the supposedly more boring all-stealth method.

Probably not a good idea to play it after experiencing the graphical beauty of Witcher 3, though; The game looks pretty fugly in comparison. In its defense, it is a pretty old game.