What game are you playing today?


Yep. I still have almost 100% of the games I’ve ever bought since the mid-1980s. The only ones I don’t have are the half dozen or so I took into a consignment shop because I was trying to help them generate business and Cyan’s The Manhole, which I gave to a friend because I thought his kids would like it.

I should have kept all of them. The consignment store went out of business because it was poorly-run and giving away The Manhole was like giving away the premiere issue of a comic book that turns out to be very popular later on. Another thing I missed out on was purchasing some of Infocom’s games in the IBM version because I told myself at the time I would never own an IBM-compatible computer. The packaging is now worth more than the games.

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I remember seeing that Infocom treasury in the store and thinking about it, but I didn’t really know much about text adventures. I’d never played one at the time. If I could go back in time…



Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition. This is my first time going through with the Dream mastery and I’m really enjoying it. I have the Ragnarok expansion on my Steam wishlist - I can’t justify spending $25 for it at this point.

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I bought the ps4 pro kingdom hearts 3 edition, and beat that over the weekend.
If your a fan of kingdom hearts its an enjoyable entry. If your not but the hype around it made you interested, you may enjoy it because they cover many of the old plot points t bring people up to a reasonable understanding.



I go through and play Titan Quest now and then. I’ve gone through it a few times with different character types.

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There’s an anniversary edition? I thoroughly enjoyed the original, as well as the Immortal Throne expansion. Does this add anything?

My best memory of that game was finding a rare object called “The Overlord” that unlocked a gate to a secret area in Act IV that contained way stronger monsters than anywhere else in the game but had ridiculous amounts of loot, including legendaries. And the soundtrack changed from the normal fantasy type score to “Rock of Mages” by Bang Camaro (the same song that plays in the end credits). I died I don’t know how many times in there but the loot was worth it. And the cool part was you could pass The Overlord between characters so that they all could go through that area.



There’s some new runes, and there seems to be a new class of magic item - the title’s an olive green instead of bright green, and they’re more powerful than the bright green ones, but less powerful than the blue ones (and can have runes attached to them). And, if you want the Ragnarok expansion, you need Anniversary Edition. Ragnarok adds a new chapter, new mastery, and some new magic items. And - which they hyped on Steam - your characters can now wear pants. :slight_smile:

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I never knew about the Ragnarok expansion. Interesting.



It came out in 2017 - apparently dropped with little fanfare. I only found out because I went to the TQ page on Steam to find out what the difference was between the originals and the anniversary edition.

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Silent Age finished last week. Most excellent.



The Ragnarok Expansion is on sale this weekend. I got the Anniversary Edition and the expansion as a bundle for $12. The expansion by itself is $6.59.



Today I’m playing the game of still drunk me trying to clean the house and function in society.

Oh wait. Not the type of game you are looking for. 🤦🤣

But later I’ll probably be back to Octopath Traveler… If I can take it. :woman_shrugging:



Damn! Wasn’t on this weekend. I’ll have to check tonight.



XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
I love turn-based combat games.



Ive heard it is good with each characters individual stories but not so much with an over aching story that ties the party members together.
I really enjoyed the last 2 games that team produced, Bravely default and bravely second.
They play similar to final fantasy 4 heroes of light.



I like it. I’m collecting all the people then doing each ones chapter 2, then all 3, etc. I doubt the entire story ties together, but I figure it won’t really matter…just need a bigger posse for the bigger bosses. :rofl:

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The second I get home I’m playing …


Good Old Games worked with Blizzard to release an updated copy of the classic action RPG Diablo . The game now supports Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. It has support for higher resolutions as well as a lot of bug fixes. As with all GOG games, it is DRM-free.



One of my favorite soundtracks for a game ever.

Tempting but we just got Ark, so I have no free time anymore.



Oh damn! Here’s hoping they will give Diablo II the same treatment.

That said, I’m loving the Titan Quest Ragnarok expansion (thanks, @TechnoMistress). Totally unexpected coming 10 years after the last expansion but a great trip down memory lane with just enough new stuff to keep it fresh.



To this day, I still greet people with “HELLO!” The same way that Deckard Cain said it in the game. Nobody understands or even remembers. Still, I love it.