What game are you playing today?


Try starting in a different country. That might make a difference in your strategy that changes the dynamics. I got this game early and snagged the cool armour upgrade that I can use on all of my soldiers. It doesn’t do anything different, but it does look cool. That’s what I’m all about. I play it on easy, too. I like to win.


Man, I am doing that, and I keep putting it down and picking it up and wondering what the hell I was doing.

Meanwhile I’ve got 20 hours of Subnautica since Christmas. It was free last week and Super Meat Boy is the free game this week.

Subnautica is pretty darn awesome though, especially for free. The 3D environment makes for some creepy feelings. I know I’m ok, but there could be some big nasty swimming by 20 meters above or below me.


Oh yeah, Subnautica is awesome. I’ve put a bunch of time into that. I’ve also watched someone play it in VR on Youtube and they say that if you play it in VR the scale of everything looks a LOT different, and things like the Reefbacks and other creatures looks a LOT bigger than you think they do playing on a regular monitor.


Nope, nope nope. Not VR. I’d freak.

I swear I can feel the weight of the ocean sometimes.


My kids got Exploding Kittens for Christmas so last night we sat down and figured out how to play.


That’s a fun game. Oddly simple and entertaining. Though I sometimes get sidetracked reading the cards.


Been playing Witcher 3 for the past month or two. Don’t know how many hours I’ve put in it since I’m running it through a mod manager, but it feels like I’ve been playing a long time. Not bored with it one bit.


I was sick last weekend, and ended reinstalling and playing Kotor2 for about 10 hours.I have weird fragmentary memories of it, and I could’ve sworn I only played it a few years ago as the Mac version was oddly delayed.


i can never get passed the first 2~3 hours in either Kotor. That has not stopped me from buying multiple copies of each over the years.


Both KotoR and KotoR2 have a weird design where there’s a kind of interesting “prolog” level (the Republic Cruiser level; the T3-M4 on the Ebon Hawk scenario) followed by a larger but still restricted scenario before things open up (The first city-world in KotoR I can’t remember; The Peragus mining station). The initial prolog is pretty clearly training for the basics, while I feel like the secondary region is an attempt to set up the background for the game in more detail.

KotoR2 kind of follows this with a few stretches where you’re “locked in” from what I’ve recently played and kinda-sorta remember. I think one problem with is they did need to force the ‘lock ins’ by having your ship impounded/stolen/damaged/infested with ewoks pretty often. I think this is to make scenarios work easier, but also because it would be out of character for a Star Wars story to have the protagonists just leave and go to Planet Vegas for a week in the midst of dealing with a problem. See Final Fantasy VII, where this was indeed an option.


Or the last Star Wars movie.

This is an ongoing problem with CRPGs though. On one hand they don’t want to impose strict time deadlines, but on the other if the orcs are decimating the village how is it you have time to go back to town to train three new skills, hire a new party member, go to their hometown and complete their personal quest line and then mosey on back to a still half destroyed town? In MMORPGS this gets worse.


Currently playing the following on and off : (part 1 is free, part 2 you can purchase in the game itself)


Also playing these :


I finished my Knights of the Old Republic 2 replay. I again missed the ‘restored content’ I hoped to see, and I don’t think I’ll try again for a few years. Still a good game.
It hit me how KOTOR/KOTOR2 mirror the BG/BG2 development. Both have D&D roots (KOTOR uses the Star Wars d20 rules as a base, which was D&D 3e based; BG uses AD&D 2e) and both have a first game that is relatively ‘stock’ to the rules, then the second game is a lot more ‘open’ as they got more comfortable with the tools and started messing with the system and setting a bit.
Part of em wants to go back to Pillars of Eternity and try to finish it. Part of me really doesn’t, as I got bogged down in a few not-fun slogs last time.

Why do RPG developers think hallways with countless repeats of the same enemies every 10 feet are fun? (Big issue with some late stages of KOTOR2, actually… There’s a section that is just featureless hallways and ever ‘segment’ has another boring encounter… Boring because even though it was a ‘forced solo’ area, I was still a dual-lightsaber force of nature with regen, nigh-immunity to blasters, and optional Force Speed/Defense on tap that didn’t find a bunch of ‘Sith Apprentices’ particularly scary.


Just bought Octopath Traveler. Looked interesting, and kind of out of the usual for me. Might get to play it some tonight, though I’m also considering just putting on super warm jammies and reading a book.:thinking:


I can’t stop playing FActorio…

Snd hlp pls.

(I can upgrade my wpm higher if I leave out vowels in common phrases, if I up my wpm then I can up my paragraphs per hour and that will feed my posts per day production better)


You can join the rest of us Factorioids in waiting for a Satisfactory alpha key.


Oh my.

I dunno. That might be too much for me.


Somewhere, I think I still have the original packages for all three of those games.


Magnetic Scrolls’ games?