What game are you playing today?


DOOM (2016). Eeeeerrrry day.

I’m making up for lost time.


Im re-re-re-re playing the entire kingdom hearts series in chronological order(not release order). I love it as much as i did the first time.


I can’t get into KH, and I’ve tried. I got KH1 & 2 on PS2 (the original releases, or Classics releases) and KH1 is frustrating in so many parts. It’s got a lot more ‘platformer’ elements.

KH2 is better, and is actually the reason I have a PS2 set up in my living room. They cut a lot of the BS parts out, making the space shooter minigame actually fun, less platforming through near-identical rooms full of identical monsters, etc.

I’ve also played a bit of the KH UX mobile game. It’s got some major design issues as well, in my opinion. Mainly due to being a Free To Play mobile game.

Still, both have a lot of “Well, let’s make you spend a lot of time learning about these whiny new characters and this tediously complex story” combined with "Let’s use the classic (and newer) Disney characters as basically background or rewards for doing stuff.

The systems don’t interest me. They seem a bit obtuse in a not-fun way. KH2 is the best of the ones I’ve seen, so far. The story is convoluted and not that interesting, especially since I played Epic Mickey which overlaps in themes a bit but is so much more fun.

(This is, of course, all subjective.)

EM1 has it’s flaws (camera control, mainly… And not allowing revisiting many areas or adding a New Game+ option)… EM2 has flaws as well (It’s got the whole “mandatory companion” that is either controlled by Player 2 or randomly guesses at what you want. But they fixed the camera and other issues.

They’re fun. You’re playing as Mickey Mouse, but one that’s mischievous if good-hearted and is partially responsible for the whole plot, which revolves around a Wizard creating a replica of a Disney theme park that is almost destroyed when Mickey spills a bottle of thinner on it. It’s surprisingly dark: The world (Wasteland) is inhabited by forgotten Disney creations and mechanical constructs, with the occasional mention that other characters could show up at any time…

Mickey has two ‘verbs’ to interact with enemies: He can use paint on them, or thinner. Thinner is the ‘evil’ path and destroys, while paint builds and fixes things. These work on the environment, too: Paint a bridge in (ghostly areas, not free-form) or replace a gear in a machine. Or take out a wall to access an area, or remove the floor from beneath enemies.

Shorter, easier to grasp. Also, it stars Oswald who is a pre-Mouse Disney character they traded a sportscaster to get the rights for, which is an interesting story.

I’d like to finish KH2, and even considered getting one of the compilations (if I had a console it’d work on) but I feel like it’s swimming through tedious parts to get to the fun parts.


Very cool! I have been playing, off and on, since release.

I play mostly on Feathermoon server. I do have a few Alliance characters, but mostly I’m on the Horde side of things. Mage is a great class, lots of fun regardless of the spec. As with anything, though, just have fun with it.

Feel free to add me as a friend too, my Battle.net ID is: Pachkschawen#1466


My son loves Ark although I think he hasn’t played it in a while. Lately he’s been into modding other games to make them more difficult since he likes to torture himself that way.


I started playing Godus on my phone last week. If you remember Populous, this is a much updated version of that. You can play it for free, but have to put up with the occasional ad when you want to go into a sub menu. I think I’m just about done. I spend a couple of hours every night while we’re watching tv ignoring ads to build up a cache of gems for the next day. The developer gets paid and I get to win.


My daughter wants Ark so bad. Is it easy to set up a LAN game or is it all online?


I’ve never actually done it myself but the consensus seems to be that it isn’t difficult. There’s an Ark server manager that will need to be run on a fairly reasonable machine, then you and your daughter would just connect to it using the LAN option.


Ookson’s busy with Dungeon Keeper 2

“It is payday”…


I love Dungeon Keeper 2. Unfortunately, once you finish the maps, there’s not a lot of replayability.


I had some fun with Evil Genius, which to my understanding is kind of Dungeon Keeper with a Bond Villain skin.


I’m mucking around with Fallout 76. A lot of people are talking shit about it and while it isn’t ,my favorite Fallout game (that would be New Vegas), I’m having fun. If anyone else is playing on XBox One my gamertag is LadyPhoenix619 if you want to team up.


Also played Evil Genius, but after a while it was meh - due to the Dungeon Keeper 2 similarity.


Just added you, I’m GrittyGiraffe (because I needed a name and picked random alliterative words).


Just as an FYI, my Xbox Live GT is Road Rash if any of you want to add me to their FL. I can currently be found playing Red Dead Redemption 2, but I’m not online as much as I used to be.


I added yous guys. I’m RoadRunnerTX on Xbox Live.

I hope to get some Fallout76 time in this weekend… I picked up the new, larger TV last night - I got the 46" plasma mounted in the bedroom to replace the 43" LCD. (I love that plasma TV - gorgeous picture.) The wife was fine with that… She was less pleased with the idea of having a second 55" screen in the living room. She went to bed before the new one was unboxed and placed where the 46" was, so we’ll see if the gripes about it some more when I get home tonight. :laughing: On the bright side, the 55" has super slim bezels, where the 46" has a very wide frame around the perimeter, but the 55 is still notably larger. Oh, and it’s feet are way out on the far edges, whereas the other one had one big foot in the middle, so I had to get a big old piece of lumber to set on top of the stand, because the new TV is sooo much wider than the stand. I’m going to have to figure out a way to rearrange that whole corner. Eventually.


I’m finally playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I played the 1994 game to death and consider it one of the best strategy games ever made. I’ve owned the new one for several years; I just was never in the right mind-space to play it.


So you are saying you hate yourself and deserve punishment?


I enjoy it. It is definitely frustrating sometimes. Even on easy mode (dad gamer, yo), I have trouble scrounging up enough cash to build/buy the things to stay ahead of the bad guys.


If you’re playing it on PC, once you play through the Enemy Unknown/Enemy Within game once you should look up the Long War mod.