What game are you playing today?


I fired up ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) for the free weekend this past weekend. I was surprised that it was not horrible. Game play (at least what I played of it) means no more standard sneaky ranger builds, but I had fun with the stabby stabby assassin I was playing. I don’t know if I’d get too into it, but with no subscription, I might pick it up for an occasional stretch.


I kind of think of it as half game, but it’s a 3D modelling program called Sketchup. I just noticed that the free version is now ‘playable’ in a browser. But not if you have an Intel graphics chip. Oh, well. I still have the stand-alone version on my machine.


Not playing, per se. But working on my next tabletop game (GURPS/space/near-future)


I have the Shadow remakes on steam, anyone know if they are good? im not a major fan of turn-based strategie games. But, the world looks so interesting(plus i need to scratch the cyberpunk itch).


You hush your mouth. Civilization and Master of Orion are brilliant, except for the turd that was Master of Orion 3.


I just dont like the game play, im sure they where great games.


I haven’t played Civ in forever, but as I recall, you could set it to just run, rather than waiting turns. As your territory grows, thought, that can bite you in the ass.


That sounds incredibly boring… lol


I never played Civilization, but I still play Master of Orion II. In fact, I’ve been playing it all this week.


The Shadowrun games are fun. They run pretty true to the source material and have a system similar to the old gold box games.


Dilly dilly!

But seriously, they’re not run-n-gun games. They require thought and strategy, so a slower pace, but still good stuff. (I’ve never played Master of Orion, but I assume it applies there, too.) Back in the day of the original versions, my buddy said “If you love Sim City, you’ll love Civ.”


I’ve never played a Civ that had an ‘auto’ mode but there’s usually options to enable/disable end-of-turn notifications, which can mean in the early game you see years pass without a prompt due to nothing interesting happening. It’ll turn to ‘standard’ turn-based play in later eras, though, unless you’re able to keep the peace to am amazing level.

The Paradox games tend to be ‘real time with pause’ in most ways. This can be interesting as in Stellaris (their sci-fi game) a battle often takes a month to resolve over and above travel time (which might be months or years). The Paradox games tend to have a ‘flow’ of great spans of quiet punctuated by chaos when your government disintegrates (King dies, his domain is split up amongst his heirs), some bigger power decides to swallow you up, or similar.

Combat in Paradox games tends to be uninspiring by design, though. It makes even Civilization seem detailed at times. In general, every one of the paradox Grand Strategy games is some version of “Move armies to region, if opposing forces are in the same region there’s combat” with The Details ranging from Stellaris’ beautiful looking combat (swooshing capital ships, fighters, beam spam, etc.) to basic ‘attack’ animations (CKII, etc.) but player interaction is often limited. You get to set up the force (In Stellaris, designing/building the fleet, assigning Admirals; In CK2 you can choose generals and assign them to the center or flanks, plus determining the troop mix) but in combat options are very limited. Stellaris has a single “emergency retreat!” button that isn’t even enabled until the fleet’s been shot at for a couple weeks.

It’s a good game, but does have some oddities. Ground warfare is even less exciting, as it’s generally just watching Your Circles bounce at Their Circles in a boring line: There’s no different ‘feel’ from invading with Infantry, Titan Death Machines, or packs of Xenomorphs, sadly.

The plus is it’s Paradox, so they may totally revise it all next patch! We’re already getting a new system for managing planets, replacing the current grid of tiles that gets developed kinda-sorta like a Civ city, but more detailed.

It’s worth trying a Paradox game if you like the feel or begin a ruler. The learning curve tends to be steep, though.


That could be what I was thinking of. I haven’t played it in at least 5 years.


It’s a feature on older Civs. I’m a game or two out of date as the last Civ I played left a bad taste in my mouth. Just wasn’t fun for reasons I couldn’t describe: I had more fun with buying Alpha Centauri of GoG than Civ 5. I think some versions go mods added in that upgraded a lot, though.


About 2 weeks ago I reached my long-term Elite:Dangerous goal:

Triple Elite (Combat, Trade, Exploration)
Admiral in the Federation Navy
King in the Empire

All on the Mac client, which is going bye-bye when the Q4 update drops in about 2 weeks. So now it will have to be a reboot into BootCamp for my Elite gaming. I contemplated buying a Windows machine, but can’t justify it for nothing but Elite.


Finally got to a point in my little of things around the house being done that I can play a little. Started Super Mario Odyssey yesterday, and gonna try Ark today. Also have smash Bros, Mario party 8, Mario kart, and then we have like Fortnite and Zelda. I have never been able to do anything but gardening in Zelda, however. :rofl::rofl:


Ark is an interesting game, with quite a few problems
One of the major problems is that there’s actually no purpose to the game. That, however, is one of the things I like about it.

My son won’t even try Ark, my daughter loves it. I’m somewhere in between, though tending towards my daughter’s viewpoint.


I’ve gotten sucked in to World of Warcraft… ^_^;;


For the Horde!


I haven’t tried Horde yet. I’ve been playing for less than a month. My highest level character is a level 48 mage.