What game are you playing today?


It can. It’s in the same class as Civilization, Crusader Kings II (same dev), and others in that that it’s capable of becoming a huge time-sink.

This was actually a ‘speedy’ game in that I think the total time played was only around 10-12 hours. Also, Stellaris is real-time (with speed control, at least in single player) so you don’t have the Civ thing of “Turn 1 took me a minute. Turn 200 takes about an hour.” although the devs tend to Dwarf Fortress level of detail, so the late game crawls because there’s so many moving parts requiring processor time. Each empire has planets, leaders, a tech tree, fleets, etc.

I’ve never finished a game previously due to losing interest as I rarely have 2+ consecutive days I can play. If it gets spread out I either lose the ‘plot’ (there’s a lot of ‘story’ events anyone familiar with CKII will recognize, but less familial murder) or there’s occasional big patches that will render old saves unplayable, and rolling back is not worth it. Especially as even the free patches add neat new stuff, much less the paid DLC that adds fun stuff like megastructures or the playable robot empires I used.

The newest DLC is apparently a small batch of humanoid portraits and ship design, but I think I’m content savoring my victory through the holidays and waiting for it to go on sale.


Yeah, yeah… Quoting myself.

My well-traveled, battered and worn Asp Explorer docked at Jameson Memorial station, Shinrarta Dezhra last Monday evening (local time).

I left Kebel Yeh sometime in August 2016, travelled south to a distant star in the Aiconn sector after crossing the Formidine Rift. A lengthy clockwise jaunt around the galaxy followed, arriving at Beagle Point in mid-March. The return leg was somewhat more direct, following the Centaurus Arm of the galaxy, rather than attempting to traverse the Tyros Ridge to the outer-most arm. I paused at the abandoned settlements in Hawking’s Gap before making a sprint for home.

Would I do it again? More than likely…

The view of the galaxy from beyond Beagle Point is haunting - 400 billion stars are no more than a yellow-brown smear across the infinite black of inter-galactic space.


Theme Hospital, because damnit I’m high and it’s the “weekend” on my rota :rofl:

I think this might be the only Peter Molyneux game to live up to its own hype… mainly because he wasn’t involved in making it!


I’ve been wasting a lot of tine on Fallout Shelter. It’s an ant farm game and I love the administration aspect of it. That’s my control fantasy coming out.


A few days ago I picked up Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds, I’ve only played a few games and only lasted maybe a grand total of 15 minutes. The constant fear of being found and killed is really interesting, the best part of death is you can hop into a new match very quickly.


If I played that I’d ghost each round till the end, likely get like 5 minutes of playing time and then two hours of watching other play.


ive tried that, it seems to work okay, the matches are at most 90 min(that ive seen)


I’m not playing it, but I want to.


I played about 2-3 hours of witcher 2 today, dang it is fun. Then I played more gwent then I want to talk about…


I’m trying to get a group together (when I move to Minneapolis in a couple of months) to play either a GURPS Sci Fi (near/alternate future) or a 2nd Edition D&D game.

Otherwise, I enjoy some Minecraft (XBox1) to relax or Borderlands2 (also XB1) if I feel like sniping bandits :slight_smile:


Final Fantasy Tactics on my iPad. Played the original on PSX, but no memory of it since that was a long time ago.


I’d run 2e adventures, but convert to 5e. Too many odd design choices in the AD&D ruleset for me these days.


I’m good with 3.5 and 5th Edition, but I think my heart goes back to the nostalgia of playing 2nd Edition when I was a Freshman in High School and all the great nights in Forgotten Realms or Greyhawk with a few pizzas, chips, and Jolt cola.
Maybe it’s goofy, but I just wanna capture that feeling again :slight_smile:


Gratch got me a G902 steering wheel with shifter and pedals as well as a racing seat to go with it. I spent the weekend bouncing between Project Cars, City Driving and European Truck Simulator 2. I’ve been playing ETS2 for a while now. It’s nice and relaxing for me. I toss on the headset and listen to the radio while I zone out. I fired up Project Cars for the racing and to try the setup with the VR headset. Although super cool and realistic feeling, the first corner was awful in VR. It’s really disconcerting making a sharp turn but not actually going anywhere. City Driving is a boring ass driving simulator but I plan on using it to teach Gratch how to drive stick shift.



I’m playing Red Alert. At the original resolution.

I think I need new glasses. Thank goodness I don’t have a retina screen! :joy:


Back on Minecraft, prepping for the 1.13 release.

I’ve found solo play is not conducive to me not using creative mode to fill a gap here and there.


Just installed Warcraft III (Chaos and Throne) and played last night for an hour.


Back on the Stellaris bandwagon. As Paradox does, they released a massive patch recently that makes it feel like a new game.

It’s a big galactic-empire 4x in the Paradox mold, which in this case means you can do horrible things to the alien races you encounter. It is a bit lighter on the more specific horribleness of CKII: No ‘selective breeding’ required to manage heirs, for example. More putting all of the cat-people on mandatory birth control because you haven’t decided if they should be processed as food-stuffs for the horrible-skull-faced aliens yet.

But anyway…

The 2.0 patch, and purely at the “free” level really changes the game. Borders are totally different. They grow based on building outposts instead of being a kind of ‘blob’ around your settled worlds. Ships are different, too. You don’t have to manage power on ship designs the same way as in the previous edition. Ships are a bit slower, which adds to the space-opera 40k-ish feel. (You might have to fight for a month before emergency FTL is an option!)

The big change is that the previous version had a fun idea of multiple FTL types, but they weren’t really ever balanced. You had Hyperlanes, that was kind of a map of the systems with pre-defined ‘fixed’ roads between them. Warp Gates for a B5-ish experience, and Jump Drives for more of a ‘distance’ based system. The idea was neat, but they were always kind of hard to balance against each other and it caused issues (like getting a cool ‘artifact’ ship, but it’s based on a different FTL method, so…).

So they decided to make an option many used standard, and now every game stars with Hyperlanes as the only option. Other methods are unlocked later: My first game I’ve unlocked building Warp Gates and found a few wormholes to provide shortcuts. Jump Drives can be learned, but they seem to be a weird ‘bonus’ that allows an occasional skipped move, but at a heavy cost. The added strategy here is the Hyperlanes add an ability to control a system that is a choke point for access to others, and know that it’s hard (but not impossible) to bypass that system.

So I’m enjoying watching my new Robot Empire grow and expand. The Unbidden have arrived: An example of the game’s “Crisis” system, in which there’s several trigger-able disasters that can occur. In this case, someone’s fooling with Jump Drives caused a bunch of ethereal murderous aliens to show up and start staking a claim. They’ll need to be pushed back, which won’t be easy or quick…

That’s the free changes (to owners of the base game). I haven’t picked up the DLC, so I can’t build superweapons yet. No ridiculously huge ships or death stars for me.




That looks awesome…

Right now I’m back on WoT and the new graphical update has turned the game into an on off switch for my PC’s fans. Start the game up and about 30 seconds into it it’s humming like a swarm of bees, turn it off and a second later half the fans turn off. But it is good fun again, the graphics are much better. Same shitty teammates, but I’m not all that better.