What do you mean, I can't choose where to install?


I purchased MS Office Pro 2016 (home use license) last week, and I forked over the extra for a physical disk. I downloaded the installer and ran it. It automatically installed to my C:. I uninstalled it. I don’t want it on my C:. I called the customer service, and was told that I could change the directory if I installed from the disk.

I received the disk today, and guess what? It automatically installed everything to my C:. I uninstalled and called customer service. I got put on hold three times and was finally told that I had no choice on where to install it, and that C: was it. I asked about a refund, and guess what? No refunds. My choices appear to be, install the @#$@# thing on my C: and keep a very close eye on my free space, or eat the loss and install Open Office.

I just had to re-install my OS last week because my system drive got too full due to Windows bloat. Right now I have about 49 GB of free space, so I should be good for a couple of years, but since when do you not have a choice on where to install a program?! :rage:


We have an upgrade to Office 2016 on tap for later this year. If the enterprise version has this same limitation, that just might be a deal breaker. One of our software guys was installing it on his machine to test the other day and complained about this (don’t know if it was home or enterprise version though, whatever he got from MSDN).

I wonder if our IT director is aware.

I did some serious searching to see if there was any way to provide feedback about this, but nope. Microsoft does not appear to be interested in feedback.

Talked to IT director. He doesn’t seem overly concerned.

If Microsoft was interested in feedback, they would have gone out of business by now.

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How about this. It won’t let me move the locations of the .ost files either. Those are also going onto my C:. No backup for you!


Cant you do a customized install? AFAIK an express (or default) install will plonk everything on C:

.ost files is a bit trickier, but you should be able to change its location with the mail applet in control panel?

Otherwise, this weird trick should work : if you can rearrange your hard drives physically so that the smaller hard drive/partition is at the end of the hard drive, and should be called D:. When installing windows, install to the D: (no sexist remarks, bitte) and see if m$ orrfice will install to C: (the larger partition/hard drive).

If not, then blah.

IIRC there is a string in the registry which says where windows is installed, if it is possible to change it to some $dir before orrfice installation, then change it back after successful install… But I’m grasping at thin straws here.


The last couple times I contacted MS clueless service, they had no idea what I was talking about, and it wasn’t that complicated of a question.

The disk didn’t have the standard installations files. There were just install executables, and I had to hunt to find the 64 bit version. I do know where to change the .ost file location, but when I went there, it showed me where they currently are, but there was no way to let me change the location.

From what I could see in the .ini file, the installation is set to go to %system%, so changing the system drive location probably wouldn’t work. I would also have to do another wipe and install, and I really don’t feel like doing that again right now.

@ClockWorkXon, I know what you mean. I don’t think the phone monkey knew what I was talking about either time. They both had to put me on hold to ask someone else for the answers. :frowning:

On another note, Office 2016 is ugly. It’s kind of hard to see the stuff in my inbox, and I need to go hunting through the applications to find a way to turn off the animations. The animations just slow things down. For example, in Word, I type faster than the type shows up on the screen. It shows up in a nice, smooth flow, but I would prefer that it keeps up with my typing. I type fast, but not that fast. (around 80-90 wpm)

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Those of you who use a local Exchange, or Outlook Anywhere, keep in mind that this Outlook2016 is a braindead abortion as it only supports Office.com and Exchange ActiveSync… fun in trying to get a hosted Exchange to work in that abomination.

In the end I downloaded and installed eM client just so that the luser can have access to his emails for now, until such time we can work out this aborted mess.

FWIW I’m using Office2013 on my laptop. Had the bright idea of logging in as $new_user, create a working Outlook profile, and then copy the registry entries for said outlook profile over to the new laptop - it did not work. Should’ve worked, but M$ being M$…

That’s good to know. I’ll have to pass that bit of information on to the person who’s teaching Exchange this mod.

Glad to be of assistance. FWIW they say that Outlook2016 supports AutoDiscover, but there are a few instances where autodiscover won’t. Ours is one such case.

I had a similar experience a while back. Whatever version of Exchange that we have here (03? 07? Dunno. It ain’t broke, so it hasn’t needed fixing.) is one version older than Outlook 2016 will talk to. But it took a lot of banging my head against the M$ wall to get that figured out.
Having the latest and greatest in nice, but I don’t want to be the guinea pig when my work productivity is at risk… went back to Office 2013.

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