What book are you reading right now?


Both Monster Hunter International and Black Tide Rising are opening up for anthologies. I like the idea of a fleshed out world, with short zombie stories in it. It makes room for stories where the good guys lose, but I didn’t just invest 5 hours reading about them.

I miss Sanctuary before it got all totally messy.


Recently Finished:
The Shepherd’s Crown by Sir Terry Pratchett ( The final Discworld Novel)
The Annihilation Score by Charles Stross (Laundry Files 06)
Ready Player One by Earnest Cline

Currently Reading (or Listening) to:
Armada by Earnest Cline
Good Omens by Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
Forces from Beyond by Simon R. Green


Delta Green: Failed Renditions

Delta Green is an RPG setting from the mid-90s that was absically the X-Files before the X-Files existed. The RPG rules were one of the first big efforts to give the old Call of Cthulhu stuff a framework. It’s similar to a more dire version of Charles Stross’ Laundry stuff, but without the IT humor. This book is a new-ish fiction collection that apparently updates the setting to the more modern post-9/11 era.


James Marsters reads the Dresden Files audio books, and has said in interviews how much he enjoys doing it.
If you still need ebook copies let me know.


As soon as I can get a copy, I’ll be reading Robert Alden Rubin’s new book Going to Hell in a Hen Basket: An Illustrated Dictionary of Modern Malapropisms.


Butcher has said his contribution to the MHI anthology is about MHI’s janitor. I’m reading the MHI books again waiting for the new Fantasy novel from Corriea to come out, an Indian mythology inspired book about rigid caste structures and a massive upheaval.


Re-reading the original Bran Sanderson Mistborn trilogy.


A month later… finished Seveneves. Ugh. Not a great book. An okay book. Come for the world building and … well that’s it really.

So for the next couple weeks, it’s time to catch up on some podcasts. No Such Thing As A Fish and going to see how good the new host for The News Quiz is.


The Emperor’s Tomb by Steve Berry. Not my favourite of his, but I’m enjoying it.


Stephen King “Needful Things”. Just finished his “Rose Madder” in a day. When books are great they’re great!! When they’re not, they are really not… I’ve taken a couple off the list because I just couldn’t get into them…


Yeah, there have been a few that sounded great from the back cover and the small excerpt in the front. And then a couple chapters in, I start getting distracted with thoughts that I’d rather be cleaning the house.

Christopher Rice’s book was like that. I kept wishing that it was possible to travel into the book to strangle the main characters.


I think this is something that Stephen King is/was really good at for a while. A lot of his books, at least for a certain era, were a great length for casual reading, especially on a trip or similar.


I always read The Long Walk in one sitting. It’s a thing now.


William Gibson’s original ‘Sprawl’ trilogy. Just about to start ‘Mona Lisa Overdrive’.


I’ve only ever read Neuromancer. How are the other books in that series?


I remember having trouble with them, but that was probably when I was a young-ish teen. They might be more readable now, although ‘cyberpunk’ as a genre has aged poorly in many cases.

The books came off to me as a bit of mis-sell when I read them years ago. I was expecting action and thrills, but there’s a lot of angst and morality discussion. Again, I might enjoy them if I tried now as I’m more accustomed to sometimes reading stuff like that.

I’m readying Realityland which is a behind-the-scense for Walt Disney World. Not great, but not bad. I may read the books the author did covering Disneyland and Disney Animation as the Kindle previews were interesting. I love reading about the hurdles in getting these massive parks built. For example, at Disneyland the asphalt in some areas was poured the morning the park opened and was far from solid in California heat, so women were losing their high heals as they stuck into the pavement.


Right now I am knee deep of edits and re-writes of my first draft of my newest book. I took a different tack with this book and went total pantser on it. No outline, barely a plot, and then just wrote out the story in a bare bones sort of way, to advance the narrative. Now I’m filling in the blanks and finding I rather like expanding on things when I have the time to stop and ponder things like the texture of wallpaper… It’s weird, but as to reading, when I have time I read SE Smith’s Command Decision and I’ve found my new favorite author, Kate Danley. I woke up Mr. Sev a few times laughing at some of her dialogue and scene set up. She keeps me laughing.


Im currently reading one of the halo books, there are so many and they are not the best. But i love the halo universe and so I love them deeply.


I’m working my way through Iris Johansen right now, starting with the Eve Duncan books. It’s slow going since it’s so crazy at work and home right now, but I’ll get there eventually…


RCN Series by David Drake.

Then I dunno.

I read too fast. It gets expensive if I don’t control it.