What book are you reading right now?


I made it halfway through the first book.

It’s a young boy’s book. It also seems to have been written by a young boy.

And there’s an example.

The movie also has almost nothing to do with the book. Like Blade Runner and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, or Starship Troopers [spit].


I enjoyed Blade Runner more than Androids.

Starship Troopers wasn’t based on the book so much as a satire of the book.


I think even “satire” would be pushing it. The animated series was closer.


So did I, but one is an action movie with some philosophical quirks, and the other is almost a monologue. The movie barely used his story, took off with his world.


I am beginning Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series. I think I stopped after during the 4th book in because a character annoyed me to such a great degree I just put it down. I decided to try it again after discussing the books with my husband who has red the entire thing. He refused to spoil anything so I HAVE to now.

I almost have to because I woke up from a dead sleep the other night, you know, the kind where in a movie the person has this nightmare or epiphany and they sit straight up breathing heavily and sweating… I had dreamed that my new book series was nothing more than Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series with my character’s names thrown in. It bothered me so much until I realized that we have a very similar voice when in first person exposition. (Yeah, I gleaned that bit of knowledge from my son who is actually helping me with color.) Urban fantasy is hard!


This is light reading because it’s a collection of comic strips, but it’s “Unicorn on a Roll: Another Phoebe and Her Unicorn Adventure”. What makes it good for me is that I bought it directly from the artist at this weekend’s convention and I was able to get it before the one I ordered via Amazon. Yes, I like the comic strip enough to buy two copies of both books (first was “Phoebe and Her Unicorn: A Heavenly Nostrils Chronicle”) just so I can have signed copies from her.


Biography of Winston Churchill. Just finished volume 2. Of 8.

I’m not a huge Churchill nut or anything. The set was briefly free for Kindle a while back so I jumped on it. Free book is a free book, yo.


Stephen King. One story at a time. At this rate I will be done when I’m 50.


I’ve read 2 of King’s works - Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption and Christine. Neither of them knocked my socks off, and I’m not keen on reading anything else of his.

Thinking about picking up The Martian for our trip to the beach.


Thank you for making me feel old.

I’m reading The Amber Omnibus, taking my time to savor it.


Bought that a while back. I was missing some of the later books. And I read the first series so many times I wore out the books twice, the individuals ones once and the two book SF book club version once.

I still don’t know why he says there are 12 packs of cigarettes in a carton. Must be one of those minor shadow differences. I love this series and if I ever do write this is one of my flavor sources, and if possible I’d like to use Shadow.

Read Roadmarks.


I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Mary Higgins Clark. I really like her, and it’s a fairly easy read for me.


Maybe there were 12 to the carton when he wrote the books?


Nope. Never. Always 10 packs to a carton. Supposedly one outfit in the UK has cartons with 20 packs in them, but I have never actually seen them anywhere.


My signed copy of the second Phoebe book got the first drawing of Max she’d ever done during the convention.

More light reading: the three Daring Do books from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Kind of like how there are tie-in novels for the TV show Castle written by the character Nathan Fillion plays. I bought them mostly for the rather nice-looking treasure chest they came in. Only cardboard and labels, but it looks good.


I think there’s a lot of ‘eras’ for King’s works. Basically, based on what he was abusing at the time…


What are the Bachmann books then?

Lack of schizophrenia drugs?


Just finished The Martian. It was on my list but after seeing the trailer for the movie, it prompted me to pick it up. And it was as good as everyone said it was.

Next on the list is the Dresden series. I’ve read one or 2, but not the whole series in order so that’s queued up next.


Expensive ass E books for a 10+ year old series.


If you get a chance read (or listen to, which is what I’m doing again) King’s “On Writing”. He actually talks a bit about that in what he calls his ‘Curriculum Vitae’ section. One of the things he said that struck me, and I’m paraphrasing here, is that he can’t remember writing “Cujo” at all, and he really regrets that because he likes the book, and would like to have the memories of what he felt while he was writing it.