What book are you reading right now?


Awesome. I read pretty quick, but I was also in support platoon, so I was running beans and bullets everywhere, not a ton of solid down time. But a 1000 page book was pretty handy to have in a pocket when the CO I was driving for ended up spending multiple hours in one location I was told we’d just be visiting.

And a custom paperback book cover like that sounds like a great etsy project.


Like these?




Yes, very close, but sized to fit a paperback, not a three-ring or spiral-bound notebook.


Finishing my fantasy book binge and am now starting on some non-fiction. Decided on The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryan. So far, I’m loving it.

Thinking of trying A Bridge Too Far next.


The series has concluded, and I was very happy with the ending. Which is amazing in itself, as normally I want a series to continue, what happens next, etc…this one, though, perfect.

Trying a couple of books by Douglas Corleone… I can’t find the older Dean Koontz novels, so I’m hunting around for some new authors again. I do, however, have a new JD Robb one that should be at the library Tuesday, release day. I can’t wait. :slight_smile:


“Will fit all 4 5/8 in x 7 in Spiral Notebooks, 4 5/8 in x 7 1/4 in Field-Flex Books, Pocket-sized, and regular sized Bound Books”


What he said, emphasis mine.


And what, pray tell, would that be? I just glanced at my bookshelves and the majority of my books are all different sizes.


You know, normal sized.


I’m just quoting the website… don’t shoot the messenger.
Also, actual dimensions are listed in the same snippit… just sayin’


sigh. Seriously, are f you guys are just going to be yanking chains, just say so.

To reiterate (and repeat)

all 4 5/8 in x 7 in Spiral Notebooks, 4 5/8 in x 7 1/4


I was going to ask for those dimensions in metric, but thought better of it.


Going back to being picky and pedantic are we?


Nah. Just in the mood for yanking chains.

And let’s face it - it’s a dirty, thankless task but someone has to do it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do it in the WC, then.




.23 cubits by .36 cubits or .23 x .37 cubits. Assuming an average 18 inch cubit.


Just finished the two books in Brandon Sanderson’s “Stormlight” series. (“The Way of Kings” and “Words of Radiance”.)

Now I’m semi-impatiently waiting for the next book to arrive. (Sometime in late 2016, apparently.)


Takes too long to write.

I really enjoyed both those books, and things are making more and more sense. Even more after I read the first book again before reading the second.

I’m reading John Ringo’s Schlock Mercenary prequels now, again.

Need more money in book budget!


Book two of Sanderson’s “Mistborn” trilogy. I’m liking his work a lot. Not only does he “throw you in the deep end”, but he has a well thought out world, and an interesting form of “magic”.