What book are you reading right now?


That came out in 2011. Still waiting for book 6.


Yeah, well, I’m a little behind. :joy:

Just realized that I’m further into the show than I am into the book. So, time to watch something else and catch up!


The show passed the book timeline at the end of season 5.


Yeah I’m halfway through season five and I noticed there were things I didn’t know yet. I wanna finish the books too. And I know he’s so busy on the series that the book hasn’t been released and yet he’s put out other ancillary books it seems… Nbd. I have a couple days at our very slow hospital coming up so I can usually whip through one the books in that time frame. What else will i do with a two hour lunch? 🤷


Lies. It’s fourth in a series of five. But you guys would probably like it. Just finished it. Took a day. Now to wait for May for the final book in the series. :scream:


I’m rereading it for the umpteenth time.

His writing gets much better after the first. It was written in the pages of a forum and self published.

Grimnoir Chronicles are pretty darn good too if you like Noir type of stuff. Alternate history 1920’s. He also has a series based on Warmahordes Malcolm’s Malcontents that’s a Dirty Dozen send up.

His fantasy series is still on book one but it’s a mythology based on Indian folklore and pretty amazing.

I’m a fan and I’ve met him a couple times now. It’s not usually high prose, but it’s good fun.


Who did read ‘The Gormenghast Trilogy’ by Mervyn Peake?

A bit different, but the third book/volume (Titus Alone) was just - whacked out.

I loved the references to Gormenghast in ‘Lords and Ladies’ by Pterry.


Wow. There’s a blast from the past. I read those back in my late teens/early twenties? I don’t remember much in the way of details, but it was different.


Man, that’s a rough read at points. I read it in High School I think. I tried to pick it up again a long time ago and just couldn’t do it again.


Some books are best read once and never again.

I like Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, always good for a re-read.


I guess it’s time to start re-reading a classic series that I’ve loved since it first came out: Joel Rosenberg’s Guardians of the Flame series. It’s 10 novels and starts off with a group of college kids who get transported to a magical world during a D&D game. Sounds corny, but the reality of it is really explored well.