What book are you reading right now?


Armada left open the possibility of a sequel, so maybe when Ernest gets done with the Ready Player One sequel, he can start on that.

Just minutes ago, I finished One Last Adirondack Summer by Heidi Sprouse. It’s about two friends that met when they were about eight, always spending their summers together, and always being there for each other, no matter what. They are so close that they become blood brothers and a part of each other’s families. On many occasions, John’s family helps Tommy more than his own family does.

When John gets a call from Tommy with four simple words in it, John drops everything to go see his friend. At the hospital, Tommy makes his request: get him out so they can spend one last summer together.

The book’s pretty emotional and filled with flashbacks of the memories the two friends have made over the years. There’s times I’ll get a little choked up when I’m reading something that most people would think is nothing. This story makes me feel that it’s okay to do that and it’s definitely not nothing.

I recommend that after you finish the story, read the afterword, then go back to the first couple of pages of the book, and check the back cover again. You’ll figure it out.

I was able to meet Heidi Sprouse last year. It was just random chance that I found out about it. I had something else planned that didn’t work out, so I searched for other places to go to where I was at and the bookstore in town had an author’s event for her latest book, which I think was the one just after OLAS. I got to talk with her a little bit and see all the friends and family that had come to meet her.

She’s a very fast writer, with about a dozen books published since 2014 through Salt Run Publishing. She’s got a mix of genres, with romances, historical fiction and suspense thrillers so far. I picked up her “Lost in the Adirondacks Series” at the same time as this book and got signed copies on all four.


On the soon-to-be reading list, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: 2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious. Just released. There’s an inteview with the authors on the marvel website that ends with this question:

Marvel .com: Finally, would you say the fact that Hydra uses Comic Sans for party flyers is a dead giveaway of their evilness?

Shannon Hale: It’s a good point. Hydra is good [at] a lot of things, but graphic design is not one of them.

Dean Hale: We just googled “evil fonts” and chose the first one that wasn’t legit demon script. Or not OBVIOUSLY demon script, anyway.

I forgot to mention that the Twitter account featured at the front of every USG comic is a valid account: https://twitter.com/unbeatablesg


George R.R. Martin just announced that The Winds of Winter won’t come out until 2019 at the earliest because he decided to write Fire & Blood first to provide more backstory and history for the series. To be released November 20, 2018.


I don’t care how it began. I want to know how it ends.