What book are you reading right now?


It always seemed like the Forever War was a great idea, then he kind of lost steam keeping the great idea going. The end wasn’t bad, really, but the beginning was better.

My own personal favorite author is David Drake… he ranges far and wide, and I’m re-reading the Lord of the Isles series right now.


Military Misfortunes: The Anatomy of Failure in War. Only it’s not so much “reading it” as “immersed in a combined arms learning environment, in which I read about and then live it.”


I just started reading a book called “Throne of Glass”, by Sarah J. Maas. I’d read the first book in another of the author’s series, “A Court of Thorns and Roses”, and really liked it, but had to put a hold on the second book because it’s not available at either library I can access with my Overdrive app. So, in the meantime, I took a chance on “Throne of Glass”.

Funny story: The dedication page is to all her Fictionpress fans who stuck it out with her to the end (and beyond). When I read that, I thought briefly about my old Fictionpress days, and the story I was following for a long time, which I never did get to read the end of, because I’d just forgotten to keep checking for updates (I, like, had to work or had a baby, or something). When I read the first sentence of this book, I realized this was that story! :smiley: I’m so stoked! I’m about halfway through now, and it’s very different from what I remembered – but it’s gratifying to see how it’s morphed into something so much better. :slight_smile:


Resurrecting again so I can gush. I’ve finished the fourth of five books in this Throne of Glass series, and I love it so much I want to start all over from the beginning and read it again. I had to put a hold on a digital library copy of the last book, and am waiting impatiently to get it. It’s SO good! And it’s sparking my imagination and making me want to dig back into my own adventure-fantasy writing again. :slight_smile:


Hmm… Sounds interesting.

/me adds the first book to Amazon wish list…


This is my favorite part of this story, because sometimes life events are exactly that distracting from important things like books.


Re-reading American Gods in preparation of the new show.


I’m reading my signed copy of Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. I can hear his voice as I’m reading it, especially the one that he actually read at the show a couple of weeks ago.


I should do that.


Can I just rebuy and reread Good Omens instead?

I keep giving it away.


I can’t find where this was posted other than on Twitter, but there are several books about unicorns on sale for a few more days at Humble Bundle, including some by Peter S. Beagle. DRM-free in PDF, ePUB and MOBI formats, and you pay what you want, with the purchase supporting charities.

Berkeley Breathed posted the link to his Bloom County Humble Bundle.

Between them, it’s about $240 worth of digitial books and they’re asking for a minimum of $30 to get the full set for both. Definitely worth quite a bit more that just that, however.


I’ve found reading comics on my Kindle is less than satisfying though. Anyone had any success?

I bought my daughter a shit-ton of MLP comics, and they aren’t the easiest to read.


Not on Kindle, but on my iPad I’ve been much happier with the Comixolgoy offerings than other sources… Enough so that I’ll favor them if there’s a choice, even though they lost a lot of goodwill during the Amazon aquisition.

At least on iPad the Comixology app supports a ‘guided view’ mode in which the pages are sliced so you view it at a panel at a time. It sometimes gets clever, like having a page show a big art splash, then cycle through close-ups of text, then show the splash again so you can take it in. It’s a bit reminiscent of the “motion comics” that were popular for a while and makes them much more readable to me.

I have a few from other sources that are .CBR files, PDFs or similar. This includes the Berkely Breathed files mentioned by @RRabbit42 from an earlier Humble Bundle deal (I think I got the Bloom County original run volumes plus Outland and Opus, but not the Academia Waltz or new stuff). They’re readable, but whenever the layout deviates from the standard weekday format I feel like I have to start scrolling a bit (on my iPad Mini, which is a small screen).

I’ve got a few other books in .CBR format: Some old D&D comics from another collection. The app I use on iOS is “Crunchy” and it’s got some good features (a good ‘file manager’ so I can pull files to read from my NAS) but, as I said, the experience just isn’t there.

Do comics bought directly through Amazon use the Comixology viewer and such?


My Kindle doesn’t work well for comics or manga, but my tablet is great for it. The tablet isn’t great for reading books, especially when lazing out in the sunny back yard, so I use the Kindle for books and my tablet for manga.


I use my Surface 3 for comics. Also for Kindle if I’m pressed but now I have a dedicated Kindle that’s easier to use and has less distractions.


The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe (1979). I should watch the film one of these days.


You should.


`[quote=“sig, post:216, topic:602”]
The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe (1979)

Every time I re-read The Right Stuff I also have to re-read Yeager: An Autobiography


I occasionally use my Surface Pro 3 for that as well. Somewhat bigger, so it’s slightly more unwieldy though.


Also watched the old andromeda strain on TV yonkers ago. Despite the old technology in use, it was very good.

Proof that CGI spoils a good story. If the story is good, you don’t need CGI.