What are your hobbies/interests?

The Dragonlady and I don’t have a lot of outside interests, but the ones we do have we are very passionate about.
She loves to sew and knit and quilt and felt and do all of those fabric art things. She is involved in a local event called Frocktails where a bunch of like-minded people get together once a month to show off their new outfits and get drunk.
I watch a lot of maker videos and research all manner of fabrication and methods and processes for the same. I run a little side hustle business that has gone through dozens of different products: vanilla extract, whisky rocks, chopsticks, coffee makers, personal lubricant, bottle lamps, cocktail bitters, barrel-aging kits, bottle openers, soapstone bbq grilling plates, men’s jewelry (rings and bracelets), etc. I still have a dozen ideas that I have half-started or a quarter-researched. I think I’m more of an obsessive researcher than a dedicated maker. I used to do a metric tonne of craft shows all year long, but have pared it down to just 4-6 at the end of the year.
Aside from that, I’m a member of a local woodworking group, a lapidary club, a leatherworking guild (that’s my next obsession), and a small but insanely talented group of design freaks.
I haven’t been involved in any kind of social gaming (LARP or tabletop) for over 20 years now. I miss it a lot.
I don’t mess around with computers much anymore, but that used to be a fun hobby. Now that I have a well-paying job, I can just pay for a solution and it saves me time. That’s how a lot of hobbies start; they are bred of necessity and become interesting the further into the solution you go. Later, you cross that intersection of time vs. money.

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I love riding my Harley, photography and helping high school students design, build and compete with robots.

Upsetting the status quo.

I garden, take lots of bad pictures but a few good ones, read constantly, and play video games in spurts. I really like working on remodeling my house though. After I get that under control I would really like to do more in the way of photography. I love taking nature shots, and the kids of course. Oh! And I run. Helps the Pokemon eggs hatch more quickly. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Motorcycle riding
Travelling overseas and eating random food ordered from non-English menus.
Want to get back into RPG gaming but my “group” are an apathetic bunch of lazy sods who couldn’t run a bath.

Probably too many, which I’m currently doing some self-review on.


  • Reading
  • Laser Cutting
  • Painting Minis
  • Video Games

“On Hold” (for various reasons)

  • Tabletop gaming

Probably a few more I’ve forgotten.

I have a rotating cycle of interests.

At the moment (while away at an Army school):

  • music (primarily bass guitar at the moment)
  • learning Morse
  • electronics futzing about with a soldering iron

Back burner

  • amateur radio
  • shooting
  • leather work (mostly notebook covers and the like)
  • GIS
  • disaster response / emergency management with Team Rubicon

Some of these (e.g. amateur radio, disaster response, and electronics) have a LOT of overlap; often one led to another, led to another.

And, of course, playing games (video and otherwise) with my kids and my wife.

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