What are you playing?

I loved the core campaign—and I loved Underdark as an expansion. I still get the feels when I think about little Deekin!

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I think I need to buy them again just to kill the CD protection.

Currently playing both Wizard 101 and Pirates 101. It’s nice to play games that are not prone to griefing, have decent storylines, avoid most of the MMO mistakes, and don’t have to resort to gratuitous gore to mask a crappy game mechanic.

They are extremely kid-friendly (originally created for kids) with a bunch of parental control options, but I have teamed up with grandparents, college students, teens, etc.

There’s plenty of humor (some of which I am not sure most kids would get) and lots of options to allow players to really show off their individuality (some of them only available with in-game currency).

There are protections in place to avoid non-authorized use of a credit card, and options even kids can use easily - Best Buy and several other stores carry prepaid cards for the games.

Kings Isle has really developed some great products here. It’s nice to see a company that emphasizes such strong values and combines education and humor so effectively.

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