What are you cooking today?


I cooked up a kilo of bacon in small bits and 2 big baguettes in the oven with olive oil, also in tiny bits. Now I have bacon bits and croutons so we can make Caesar salad any time. Which is all the time in the summer.

It makes things much easier. All we have to do is tear up the lettuce and make the dressing.


I usually make a five or six pounder in 10 hours or so.


That sounds reasonable.


Made omelette for the whole family. Not one big omelette, but one for each person.

With a gas hob it is easy once you find out the sweet spot for the temperature, and a pan that does not stick.


I agree. I have a beautiful cast iron pan that makes amazing omelets, and k can’t imagine using anything else to make them.


Nothing. We had a big, slightly delayed, lunch to to $Wife working this AM, and we both got into various projects, so it looks like dinner tonight is basically ‘grabbing a snack.’

Tomorrow doesn’t look much better, as we’re meeting some friends for a dump run (getting rid of an old gas grill rotting in our back yard) and probably going to a fun Mexican place we like.


Save the wheels and stand. Add a plywood base. Instant cart or assembly table.


2.25 pounds of pork, veal & beef. Wrapped in a pound of bacon. Smoked 3.5 hours.



Nope. The wheels and stand collapsed as we were getting it ready to load on a truck.

More interestingly, when we dropped it off at the local dump recycling station it was a little scary as there was this weird constant ticking going from the pile of dead grills. Like an igniter was stuck on. Little disconcerting, but the dump staff seemed unconcerned.