What are you cooking today?


Yeah I was never cool enough to be OA. 14 year old me was pretty bitter about it but I got over it. :slight_smile:


Yeah, Order of the Arrow was easy for some people and impossible for others. Often for parental reasons.


Dang it, I didn’t drain the water heater, thought I did but apparently I drained the overpressure valve and not the tank.

Busted tank to start the trip, no as big of a deal as the glare of dissapproval I have to deal with for the rest of the trip.


This isn’t cooking, but I had bought on a whim a bottle of something called Black Cherry Balsalmic. Label says it’s for ice cream, fruit or fruit salads, but it did pretty well on just regular salad. I think I’m going to try mixing some of it in with a honey mustard dressing I have that is heavier on the mustard than I like. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see what the purple color does to the brighter yellow color of the HM dressing. And that brought back a memory from probably four decades ago of being in Home Ec class and using food coloring to make purple and orange sugar cookies.


The other night I was playing with quinoa. I added a bit of garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sugar, and gochuchang (Korean pepper paste) to the water before cooking. It turned out pretty good.


Several months late, but the Soda bread for the party was kind of ‘meh’ but the egg rolls were good. Guacamole is a reliable option.

I have been tasked with cooking Chili for a work event next week.


Our company has had a chili contest here several years running.

I brought in a pot one year, but went away disgruntled.

The winning recipe was just a jumble of all the hot ingredients the guy could cram into one dish. No finesse, nothing but raw, burn-your-tongue-out heat.

When the afternoon was over he had almost his entire slow cooker still full, while mine was the emptiest among all the entries. The actual eaters liked mine best, but he won.

So… I WFH that day since.


We had a chili cookoff last year. I can now say that my chili is a prize-winning chili (tied for 2nd place). If you want my recipe, @balance, I can try to give it to you. (I don’t use exact measurements, though)

Edit: My chili is nothing fancy, just a basic chili. Not too terribly spicy either.


We grow our own birds eye (got lots) and bishops bells (two plants) and one jalapeno.

Love to chop one chilli and add a little bit to food for that little extra bite. Just not too spicy though, it ruins the taste of the food.


My favourite is to fry up half an onion, add a tomato (finely chopped) and fry until the tomato and onion’s mixed well, then add three eggs and scramble the whole lot until the eggs are done, and serve on hot toast. Optional extras : beans on toast or grated cheese on toast.



If it’s something I can prep in the AM and let sit in a crockpot, I’ll try anything.


Seems like you were the real winner to me. :slight_smile:


I concur. :slight_smile:


Yes, thanks… but the other guy got the gift card.



Hopefully he used the gift card on a good chili recipe book.


When I become a bitter old queen (apparently that is just what happens to old gays) I fully intend on only ever eating stews for this exact reason. Everything into the pot, go outside to yell at kids/ghouls (still worried about dem nukes) to get off my lawn/mutfruit orchard for a few hours, and then tasty dinner with no effort! :laughing:


Lunch is, like Schroedinger’s c*t (or, alternatively, Greebo), in an indetermine state today.

Will have to wait and see what the wife dredges up from the depths of the freezer or shop today.


Greebo is never indeterminate, however he is indeterminable :laughing:


Chicken fillets over a fire, marinaded. With mielies, potato salad and a garlick bread


Nothing. It’s 1000 degrees here today. I might grill burgers. Or they can make sandwiches. Or starve. Idc. :joy: