Welcome, CoGers! Some things you should know


No, don’t worry, you’re in the right place. In an effort to keep life interesting—and to make up for being an absentee landlord for so many years!—I’ve shifted forum applications again! Everything’s still on the same server, but I’m doing my best to ditch PHP and embrace TEH FUTURS.

Some things to note about Discourse:

  • Community moderation! See a spammer? Flag that post! One or two flags on a newly-registered spammer will auto-hide not only that flagged post, but every post from that account. No longer must you wait on @Nabiki or @DocDubious to wield the banhammer! Flagging is also a great way to report abusive or off-topic messages, too.
  • Likes! Agree with a post but don’t want to reply with just “me too” like some brain-dead AOLer? Click the heart button to like it.
  • Markdown! UBB code is out, Markdown is in.
  • Drag-n-drop images! Dragging an image into the compose window will auto-upload it and display it inline, like this:

  • Oneboxing! Paste in a link to another thread here, or on another discourse forum, or really to any other site at all, and Discourse will display a quick summary, like this:

There are more things to point out, but I’ve got work piling up. Explore and enjoy!

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Oh sweet, you turned on SSL over here finally too.


It’s been on over here for a while, although Discourse is throwing mixed content warnings because for some insane reason the locally-hosted avatars are served over http instead of in a protocol-agnostic fashion. There’s an open bug for it.

One of the great advantages to reverse-proxying behind nginx is that you can bolt SSL on to damn near anything! Plus, I’ve made sure that we’re using TLS 1.2 and that I’m prioritizing cipher suites that support forward secrect (which you can verify right here). Hell, I even support SPDY, if you’re using Chrome or a version of FF that supports it.


And, just when I brought it up, the mixed content warning issue has been fixed. Hooray!


No archive for the old vanilla forum, @Lee_Ars? I was going to post a new word association thread, but I couldn’t remember the exact rules. :confused:


Done. :slight_smile: Go have fun!

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Thanks! :sunglasses:


If you’re a really active user here, you won’t have this problem. But if you’re still new, you may. I just got the following notice when trying to post a reply on a topic:


You have reached the reply limit for this topic

We’re sorry, but new users are temporarily limited to 3 replies in the same topic.

Instead of adding another reply, please consider editing your previous replies, or visiting other topics.


So at what point does someone stop being a new user?


To become a regular user, you have to:
5 topics entered
20 posts read
15 minutes spent reading posts


I thought you also had to have received a “like” on a post unless that was removed by an admin here.


Ah. I posted the information to become a basic user. To be a regular user, you need:
20 topics entered
100 posts read
60 minutes spend reading posts
15 days visited
1 like received
1 like given
3 topic replies


I manually upgraded a bunch of people that were regulars by virtue of following us through I-forget-how-many-now board systems. Then I got bored. I probably missed some.

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I think I must have been one of the ones manually upgraded as I haven’t had any problems posting multiple replies :smile:

I’ve fulfilled most of the criteria for the regular users - except the “1 like given” criteria. I’ve never been a big Facebook user so I haven’t gotten into that whole “liking” stuff by clicking a button - either I like it or I don’t, clicking buttons to demonstrate that just seems odd and I really don’t think about it.

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Yeah, my problem with these is that I want a “Dislike” button too. I don’t just want to be able to say when I agree with something, I want to say when I disagree (but don’t have anything useful to add to the conversation).


Well it’s painful but not impossible to post from a 1st gen Kindle Fire. lol