Weird duplicate meanings?

What’s he distinction between a reply and a response?

I dunno if there is one. Where are you seeing response instead of reply?

Go to your user page, on the left hand side

I presumed a response was a message on a thread you participated in and a reply was if someone actually used the reply button on your message itself

Ah, I see. Huh. I dunno.

I suspect that there’s a difference between someone replying to a message you left, versus mentioning your name in a topic, versus replying to a reply, or…something. I dunno. Good point, though—it’s definitely not super-clear what the difference is.

A little weird, I get the number on the bubble on the top for our last message, but despite being on the same thread it didn’t show it there (till I clicked the drop down on the bubble)

I think threads should auto-refresh when new posts arrive, though it might take up to 30 seconds for that to happen; the notification badge might manifest before the thread refreshes.

Ah right, (this one was a direct reply by the way)

I’m off, so you can try offline functionality :wink:

And your reply just appeared as if by magic!