Web server migration - hold onto your butts

I’ve finally managed to outgrow my poor little closet web server and my poor little 10Mbps upload pipe, so I’m migrating things right now over to a dedicated server I’ve set up over at liquidweb.

You might notice some weirdness over the next couple of hours, or however long it takes me to do the move. The end result should be a much faster forum, though! (“Should” being the operative word, of course…)

Ran into an annoying snag with Docker, so holding off until I figure out what the hell isn’t working. You may temporarily release your butts!

I dunno, I kinda like this… it’s comforting.

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OK, I think I figured out my little problem. Gonna go for a quick run and then try this again!

Looking forward to the new shiny. :slight_smile:

OK, let’s try this again…

…and we’re back!

The old DNS entry for discourse.bigdinosaur.org should expire in no more than 30 mins or so, and the new one should propagate out pretty quickly. I left the old server in read-only mode, so if you’re seeing this post, then congrats, you’re on the new server!

Please let me know if anything’s broke—or at least, more broke than usual.

Will un-sticky this post in a day or so.


Woo hoo! :slight_smile:

Pages are loading faster for me.

That’s a good sign!

We’re now over on a big fancy dedicated server at liquidweb, with a 4-core Xeon E-1230, 16GB of RAM, dual SSDs, and—most importantly—100Mbps up and down of bandwidth. There’ll probably be an overall reduction in latency for most folks, too, and less latency + more bandwidth = higher throughput and MOAR FASTAR PAGES.

Been wanting to do this for quite some time, since my little home connection was getting pretty cramped. This should take care of us for the foreseeable future!

mmmmm, server…

So what’s the butt situation?

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I’m guessing we can all let go of our butts now. :grinning:

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@Lee_Ars - if I may ask, what’s it costing you?

Hopefully we will not get any more b0rked Georges in future… :slight_smile:


fricking 10 character limit ruining a perfectly stupid joke.

I apologize if I ever caused your Netflix feed to buffer by opening 20 tabs at once here. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a couple of grand a year, I think, but I am well-compensated and it’s a price I’m happy to pay :slight_smile: Besides, I’m benefiting in lots of other ways, since I moved everything over there—my webcomic, the BigDino stuff, the main CoG site, and a few other things. I probably should have done it a year ago, but it’s done and I’m very pleased with how it came out.

The other option I was toying with was buying a virtualization server like this one and redoing my current 3-server home setup into one virtualized clump. That would be fun, too, but it wouldn’t have gotten around the bandwidth issue (which is ultimately un-solveable until comcast starts offering gigabit here, which will be in approximately nine trillion years). Dedicated hosting in a real datacenter with a real internet connection is the best option.

Also, going to try to un-break the styling a bit more this AM so the site looks more like how it’s supposed to look!

edit - There we go. That should clear up a lot of broken insanity. I’ve kept the styling modifications super limited this time—just color and typeface (compare to the default on Meta). Should mean things break a lot less as Discourse’s default style continues to evolve.

Also gonna un-stick this topic, since we’re migrated and still alive. At least, I think we’re still alive. Either way, you may release your butts if you wish. Or keep holding them. You know, whatever works for you.

Cool, thank you for your generosity!

Lee, is there any way you can make it so that the ESC key don’t abort a post? I was in the middle of typing something and accidentally brushed the ESC key. I thought I just lost 20 minutes’ worth of typing, but discovered that if I started the reply again, what was autosaved was brought back for me to continue editing.

Just looked, and I don’t see that as a config option, sorry. But, yeah, as you saw, discourse will always auto-save your post.

I’m not sure if it is related to the migration, or the chat feature testing, but I’m now seeing threads to which I don’t have access…

Strangeness… General, All the stories, and Admin-only chat are unavailable to me, just like the chat log whatever thread.