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I’m so happy that was an advertisement and not a collection of real incidents because some of those were long-term disability- (or death-) inducing.


Absolutely. I saw right away that this was the case, so my internal funny button got pressed and I laughed my ass off for a full minute.
Whew. I needed that.

The skit with the wedding cake’s a classic.

I’ve done the walking into the glass door one. To be fair I was very drunk.

I think I actually know what model number of copier that is.

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printerer*. :wink:


I’m still waiting for the chance to tell to someone “it’s a copier, not an originaler” when they get picky about what it looks like.


Foundry compatible dice for those who miss rolling real dice.


I know a bunch of people who will have problems with these because they will not roll “true”. They’re fundamentally unbalanced.
Very cool, of course, but not for me or my pals.

OMG I want one of these right now!

Hmmm. Supposedly they’re compatible with Roll20.

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Need to get out of that Zoom call? Visit this website.



Thanks for that.

Will it also work for MS Teams?

edit : looks like it will. Muhuhahaha.

wait, what? Urination as a sound effect?? HAHAHA!!!

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Introducing Windows Soviet.


The Kids in the Hall got pretty close all those years ago.


The Lorax Project uses the Dr. Seuss books featuring the Lorax to help pass on information about conservation. There’s nine books so far and a tenth called “101 Ways to Help the Earth with Dr. Seuss’s Lorax” will be on sale in September.

This year is the 50th anniversary of The Lorax, and that tenth book is part of a grant program people can apply for up until the end of this month. See the website for details. Earth Day is next Thursday.

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Want to listen to radio stations in other countries? This is a way to do it. I clicked on a station in Estoril (Portugal) and it was playing Boney M’s “Ma Baker”, which was definitely NOT what I was looking for. But now I’ve found a lovely Fado station out of Lisbon and I’m in heaven.


This wouldn’t be safe for work simply due to how many times she says “boobs”, but the Boob Armor: 4 Things You Need to Know video from Jill Bearup is a really interesting discussion about how to design armor for women. It covers practical aspects like accounting for people have to breathe and move, the weaknesses such as having bare metal against skin or having the divot in the center means any impacts hit right at the sternum, and then a lightning round at the end for critiquing different armor examples.

If I could give her a bit of advice, it would be don’t do so many rapid cuts when she’s editing the videos. It’s like she’s doing cut-and-paste from about four or five different takes to get the best version of each sentence. If you’re switching the scene to a different point of view, that’s fine. But it’s for the same person talking, watching them jump or jerk around where each of the edits are joined together is really distracting.