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There’s a company called URWizards that has a lot of very beautiful dice sets. They’re not cheap, with some of them coming close to $100 for a set, but they are gorgeous. There’s several different kinds of wood like purpleheart, ebony and walnut, then there’s resin dice and gemstone dice in labradorite, blue sandstone, white howlite, opalite, blue agate, green flourite, rose quartz, obsidian, ruby, lapis lazuli, jasper, unaklite and others I’ve never heard of before.

I don’t even play roleplaying games but I want them. I’m not going to buy them unless I win the lottery and then it’s going to be “Shut up and take my money!”

Among the themes they have are dice with pictures of cats on them. On a lot of them that have a cat face on one side or a front-view of a picture, guess what’s on the opposite side of the die? Yup. Cat butt. The easiest to see this design is probably the Dichroic Prism Glass set.


I didn’t realize how much spectacle that goes on with a Presidential inauguration. It starts tonight at 7pm Eastern time and continues tomorrow morning and after the inauguration itself. This article lists what the schedule is and how to watch it:

I think this one is going to be a bit weird for so many reasons. The primary two are, of course, COVID and threats of violence.

Any other time I think 99% of the country’s population ignores all but the main ceremony, and 95% ignore that. It is, in a normal time, just a routine thing shote shouldn’t be a big deal.

If people are interested, Affinity Photo is 50% off at the moment.

For a program that does everything Photoshop does (and possibly more), this is an absolute bargain. I cannot justify umpteen-hundred dollars for Photoshop, and I refuse to pay a monthly ransom to Adobe. To me, it was AUD$40 very, very well spent.


Affinity’s been pretty good. I think they’re trying to stick to common file formats so their apps can exchange data easily. I used their tools for this year’s Cheapass Gifts I sent to some people. And then sent again because the USPS is broken.

Ooh, only USD$25. Tempting.

Looking for cheapass gifts? Try Cheapass Games at https://cheapass.com.
Give Me The Brain is a classic. So is Lord of the Fries.
I have a bunch of their original games from when they were just shipped in white paper envelope bags.
Kill Doctor Lucky and Devil Bunny Needs A Ham are hilarious because of their simplicity and the random chance for the antagonist to escape.
Unexploded Cow. So much fun.
Renfield, The Big Cheese, Escape From Elba. I have a box of them somewhere.

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Buster Keaton in “The Railrodder” - one of the last films in his long career.


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Hot off the presses… This was a fascinating watch for me as I have a soft spot for old engineering.

The title is a wee bit misleading, I thought they were going to cut the locomotive up, but they did not, rather they brought it back to where it came from.

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That was cool. I’m surprised they got anything done with as little planning that was done or turned out working.

For some Pratchett-related video of quality, I present to you:

Troll Bridge: The Moving Picture

Essentially Cohen the Barbarian (an old Barbarian Hero and his horse encounter a troll on a bridge for reasons that make sense. Maybe. Fan-made work.


That was terrific! I especially loved the song at the end. It told a great story.

For the old ones still young at heart.


Abu Simbel temple relocation - how it was done.

Having been there, it’s a pretty amazing feat they pulled off.

(Yes, I looked very hard to see all the seam lines and failed.)

Not nearly as ancient but if you like this kind of thing the effort to save the Cape Hatteras lighthouse is impressive. Had to slowly walk it back from the sea cost to a more secure location.

I want one of these so much. The Alpha Ace Performance edition looks super.
Plus, I love the whole article with the descriptions of the stupid design choices for newly arriving EVs.

This will make you laugh, or your money back. Guaranteed.