Web Find of the Day


Larry Correia posts “book bombs” every so often where he picks a good book and coordinates getting everyone to buy it from Amazon on a specific day to boost the sales and give the author more publicity. The one he started tonight and has it running through tomrrow is for Sakura: Intellectual Property that I mentioned last month. I bought a lot more books and DVDs in the past month than I should have, but I’m considering helping out the people who took Zachary Hill’s rough draft, completed three days before he died, and got it in shape to be published.


Must not kickstart this.

If i did it, it would only be worth it for $200… Not real likely.


This made me laugh since I spend so much time on Pokemon Go


Not sure if this counts as a “web find” but I just discovered Twitter’s “mute words” function. I muted “Trump” and “Mueller” for 24 hours to see how it works and it’s amazing how much more pleasant and less stress-inducing my timeline is!


Oh boy. Efforts are under way to combine the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty with the 40th anniversary of Gundam. Called “Gundam vs. Hello Kitty”, it’s going to be a fight between the two franchises.

My initial reaction was “giant mecha is going to beat up Hello Kitty?” But then I remembered that the most successful cross-overs like this are written so that no matter which side you’re a fan of, the ending makes you feel like your side won.

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Speaking of which, http://kittyhell.com/ is not updated anymore (which is a pity) but it got all things hello kitty.

Including butt plugs.


Why was this thrown into my list of suggestions? Is it woodworking? Is it softcore porn? Also, I don’t speak a word of Russian, so …

Why is this even necessary?


Wow, I do like that table design though.

She seems to know what she’s doing. But yeah, too much selling sex.