Web Find of the Day


Drive your dog nuts with this traditional Moldavian folk “music”.


Similar effect on the guy in the next office.


If you can ignore the Australian accent, this is fascinating


Oi. :stuck_out_tongue:

Deane Hutton was actually my dad’s high school science teacher in the 60s (before he and Rob Morrison started hosting the Curiosity Show).

As a kid I thoroughly enjoyed watching that show.


I knew we had some Australians, but I couldn’t remember who :wink:




Burn the heritic. Exterminatus!




Heretic was just Doom with a fantasy theme. :slight_smile:


Still nice to play - but if you play it DOOM style, you got your a$$ whupped :slight_smile:


Also had a lot of melee and quasi-RPG elements, didn’t it?

I think it was still a Doom-style simple plot and scenario design, though.


There was definitely some melee.


Thinking about it, I think I played some Hexen but not Heretic. Apparently Hexen is a sequel, but then there was Heretic II, so it’s confusing.