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Where’d he sourced the parts from? :slight_smile:


Dang. I haven’t watched the video yet, but looking at the preview pics - I still have some of those parts. In fact, there is a Microsoft natural keyboard on my desk at home - I have two, one stashed away as a spare. I think I have two or three Sound Blaster cards of the Live and Audigy varieties. There was a case with the strange swing-out feet like that in my garage until I threw it out about a year ago. I think I threw out the 486 that had SmoothWall loaded in the same purge. Good times.

I’m fairly certain I still have a Win98 OSR2 installer CD around somewhere.


Were you a member of the Smoothwall community forum back then? :slight_smile:

I pop over every once a month to check on things.

I still use Smoothwall - my preferred choice.


I wasn’t. I only deployed Smoothwall a few times. Back when my office only had an ISDN line for internet access, it was sooo nice to have the caching feature. For those PCs that I configured to access through the Smoothwall, it was amazing to see the graphics load all at once, instead of slowly appearing in bands.



nice to have, saved my a$$ with a forgotten password for symantec endpoint protection.


The Bayeux Tapestry (historic tale construction kit) meme generator is back online on Github.



I saw a great article over the weekend in which the use of genitalia in the Bayeux tapestry was discussed.


Eh? Any chance of a linky?


I think this is it, but I’m unable to open the link right now lest the web filters turn their baleful eye on me:


Lol. Thanks.


I’m not sure whether this should be here or in what made me happy today. I tossed a coin.

Art galleries have been trying to advertise on social media platforms and have been getting a bit frustrated because any time they show anything that might have any human flesh showing, the post gets taken down. This obviously includes many many paintings from some of the greatest painters in history (e.g. Rubens).

One of the art galleries has responded with this video:


Veeam One free edition.

See what your VM’s are doing at a glance. Supports HyperV and ESXi.


Jesus Tiberius Christ.
Nobody knows how to cook anything, so someone made an oven that will do all of the difficult stuff like setting the temperature and determining the length of cook time and then they put a camera in it so you can show your mum what you’re cooking.
Thankfully it’s cheap. It starts at only $600.
Seriously. 64 different programs for bacon? Eat my shorts.


I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a more upbeat product video for a lawn care device. Sure, it’s the lawn on the side of the road …


But if you try each program, you get to eat bacon :bacon: 64 times. Some experiments are worth the effort.


That’s pretty damn nifty, and the 70’s called, they want their cop show pilot soundtrack back please.


I neither own nor endorse this product, but you have GOT to watch this product video.


Great fun can be had by swapping the controls around…


A friend of mine has something similar.


Pretty sure Mrs. Force10 would murder me in that situation. :slight_smile: