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This has been around for a long time and I’ve had it bookmarked for a while, but The Pinball Arcade now has an announcement that their license for Bally and Williams pinball games will expire at the end of June. So, if you’re interested in getting them, there’s just three weeks left. The ones I’m interested in are the three Pin-Bot games, Star Trek and Doctor Who, though the Black Rose pirate pinball game looks interesting.

Available on lots of different systems. The games are arranged by “seasons”, so you can’t pick just specific games to buy. Prices for the Steam versions are $30 or $40 for “Pro Packs”. If you need help identifying which games were made by Williams and Bally, use these two category pages from Wikipedia:


I. Love. Machine. Learning.


The breadstick really seems like they added the Welcome to Nightvale scripts in, which at one point I think did have fake ads for real businesses including Olive Garden. That totally sounds like a WtNV plot.


Yup, now we know how they write Night Vale.


Money quote by @Lee_Ars.



Jar-Jar Binks salutes y’all.

Now I gotta go find the revised scenes from AfterY2K…

Start off here, go backwards or forwards as you wish…



Microsoft Windows 95 Mobile


Lol @ Clippy.


I DEMAND that this be made real! :laughing:

Also, if regular Windows could go back to looking like Win9x, that would also be nice.


Remember when TV shows had more than five characters and the intro went on too long… Too Many Cooks remembers…

Trigger warning (spoiler): Blood and gore, but in a funny context


Classic Shell FTW


Does that work for Windows 10? To be honest I spend as little time using it as possible, so I’ve not explored it.


Yes, works beautifully.

Until M$ happens.


Was thinking of @Rizak :smile:


Get it to Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor to move it up another few levels of imminent destruction.



Everyone else doesn’t pick over piles of old tech like an oversized jawa?


[raises hand] Guilty!


That episode was aired here just last last week on the re-run channel.


You have to watch this. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of Windows 98, this guy built a brand new computer with 20-year-old NIB parts, installed a sealed version of Windows 98, and ran a few games on it.

Not to be missed.