Web Find of the Day


That was my immediate thought too… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


And mine too.

Wife discovered that poached eggs is an absolute joy to make. So much easier than hardboiled eggs too.



My boss just sent me this…


I love this guy’s videos.


The Peanuts gang covers 2112.

Check out the guy’s channel, he’s done other songs as well.


A long, long time ago my mother had a picture which illustrated the rat race perfectly.

And I found an updated version on teh webz.



As part of changing my diet, I’m supposed to drink a lot of water and put some lemon juice in it. Lemonade qualifies if it’s made with real lemon and I bought some delicious blackberry lemonade yesterday. Old Orchard Organic Blackberry Lemonade, if you’re interested.

But the other thing I have to watch out for is acidic fruits. Fortunately, blackberries are on the alkaline side of things, as shown by this chart. They even have it in a PDF file you can download, so I did. A nice and necessary web find for me today.


Being a great writer is an extremely powerful tool, useful in all sorts of situations.


Bruno Mars vs. Strong Bad - Uptown Fhqwhgads
I think that The Brothers Chap should sue Bruno Mars. He basically stole their entire song.


Strongbad was an addiction back in the day. I’ve stayed away for a while, but I might need to check it all out again soon.

I still say jorb all the time.


Me too. And dagron.


No shortage of burninating around our office.


Tagging @sig here for his title.


So, uh…this is a thing.


I’ve seen this and it’s glorious. We used to do this crap when I was a kid, but with unpowered ones.

It’s good filler for gaps in the regular races.


Woohoo! Looks like BIG fun!


The final step in GDPR readiness: document handling.


Game of Thrones, season 8 episode 01: The Beast of Kindness.

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