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That looks cool as hell, I have to read the book now.


December 22nd time-lapse of the Falcon 9 launch in Arizona


NSFW link to a short video that is one of the most WTF things I’ve seen in a long time. Hilarious.



Oooookay then. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl:



Nixie tubes!!!


This is so awesome.
The time lapse especially so. We need more of this and faster.



Nice time lapse photography!


This is quite comical. Leave the CC on. Aside from the obvious black eye in the last scene it was very enjoyable.


Well at least she looks happier than the poor ladies that roll around and strike awkward poses on channel 900 (the free softcore porn channel).



So, we all know and love Texas Instruments, right?

Someone has rendered Bad Apple on a bloody TI-84!

Look at this bloody amazing thing!


This is astounding!




Thanks, I know just enough to think that was hilarious.


Captcha from hell.


It was all just a big setup for the nananananananana Batman at the end.


Excellent :smile: Some are obvious, some are not.


Some of the obvious ones are actually not. There are a couple of females cross-dressing, and possibly a couple of males also cross-dressing. I thought it was hilarious, my daughter thought it was hilarious, my son thought it was really funny, my wife didn’t see any humour in it at all :frowning:


One more reason to downgrade rather? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah,George R.R. Martin’s WordStar preference has been known for a while. I can kind of see it: The reason Scrivener is currently popular (besides some “Famous author uses it, so you can be like them!” which I totally admit is the reason I got a license) is that it tries to be an ‘environment’ kind of like software IDEs (Visual Studio, XCode). Go full-screen and theoretically minimize distractions. Of course, alt-tab is a thing so it may not work that well.

(Other big pluses for Scrivener is it’s made to keep research data and similar in a project file, and can force the author to work on the text and not fiddle with formatting and such.)


I don’t care what he uses. I just want Winds of Winter Already.