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And the Nazi party was the “National Socialist Worker’s Party”

They can’t both be right.


I was watching a documentary once that said the Nazis never actually used the word Nazi. But, it did not bother to explain how it got associated. Kind of annoying, but not enough for me to go out and research.


The term “Nazi” derives from the name given in German to a party member Nationalsozialist and was coined in response to the German term Sozi, an abbreviation of Sozialdemokrat (Member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany).


Actually it is right, the Nationalsozialist Party was a combination of the ailing Nationalist and Socialist parties who had no hope at gaining power independently. During the Night of the Long Knives (not Krystalnacht, the other early murder spree) the leading Nationalists killed the leading Socialists, and absorbed all the remaining party members. This was also when all the social policies involving healthcare, a sensible legal system, deconstruction of the class structure, etc were thrown out of Nazi doctrine.


Lone Wolf project Aon, endorsed by Joe Dever himself.


For those of you familiar with the old “make your own adventure” style printed books.


I completely forgot about the giant robot dual between the USA and Japan that happened a few weeks ago.


I haven’t sat down and watched it yet, I heard it was scripted and kind of lame… I’ll check it out when I take a break.


I haven’t watched the whole thing myself - just the highlights from another video. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was scripted and lame…

…but HUMAN PILOTED MECHS battling each other is a win in my book.


I was hoping for a battle… but they moved so slowly, with LONG intervals between actual attacks that it seemed either scripted, or lame… or maybe both, of course.

Japanses bot had a rapid-fire paintabll gun that was POURING fire on the US bot. Did they show us the impact? Not any. Granted, it wouldn’t have done damage, probably, but the whole thing was defanged, so at least show the splatter pics!


It’s the first actual mech battle that I’m aware of so I got a bit excited about it. Give it a few years and maybe we’ll have something that’s a lot more impressive to watch. :smile:

Rome wasn’t built in a day…


Neat. This is built with Twine, which Siglet Prime has been learning. His stuff is not nearly so complex, of course. Recommend this book for those interested in really getting into what it can do.


Interesting. I thought Twine was more for more standard CYOA-type stuff, and hadn’t seen something like this.


Vintage computer photos. Be prepared to see some old friends:


Very cool. I have a few of the compact Macs, and an Amiga 1200 myself. :slight_smile:


Apology generator. They might as well be using this.


for teh epic lulz :smile:



This is amazing. All it’s missing is an end credit bonus scene.


That was a long credit scroll for a 6 minute video.


This is going to be awesome. The teaser looks freaking amazing!
If you were wondering what Peter Jackson has been up to …