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Wow, I can buy bacon I could watch grow up from bacon bits for $3.99 a pound.


I live in the Future!!!



One of the older RPG games around… and multiplayer to boot.

An android version would be nice… but you can’t have everything, eh? For now DOSbox works.


An Amiga classic too! (not that I got into it at the time).


John Wick 2 … reshot with Nerf guns.


Holy crap. That had to sting.

I wouldn’t expect anything else from one of those dudes, but still ouch.I knew some dudes from the 3rd. And the majority were goobers, but the guys doing the tomb duty were another critter entirely. For one thing, they tend to walk like that everywhere and you end up falling in step with them. And God forbid two of them walk together.


After Dave’s broken leg 2 years ago, Foo Fighters have stepped up their efforts to develop backup band members.


Remember Magnetic Scrolls?

They managed to resurrect the source code from tape archive, and remaster it for modern hardware, including Android.

The result :

Their website : https://strandgames.com/

Blog on data recovery from tape. Quite an interesting read. https://strandgames.com/blog/magnetic-scrolls-games-source-code-recovered


DEC tape drives… Bloody hell. I remember seeing loads of TK50Zs in use, many years ago.


No memory of Magnetic Scrolls: Looks like it was mainly an EU thing?

The stuff done to recover data from old tapes amazes me. I gave a couple bucks to the effort to recover and digitize Frank Zappa’s library of tapes, and I’m not even a Zappa fan, really. Just thought it deserved to be done. He was apparently fastidious about migrating content to new formats, but still had a lot of material in ‘dead’ formats.

I also liked hearing the trick for cleaning records is applying a layer of elmer’s glue which is peeled off, pulling dirt away with it.


UK company in the 1985’s


You know you want one.



I was tempted to max this buy out and get 21 pounds of candy corn for 36 bucks…

But I stopped at one.


This amuses me greatly.




Daffy Duck: Messerschmitts! A whole mass of Messerschmitts!


This fits with a comment I saw somewhere recently…


I’d take that meme more seriously if it didn’t use a communist symbol. Communism does not equal socialism, particularly democratic socialism, no matter how much the American right wishes people to believe otherwise.


According to the people who pushed communism socialism is only functionality a transitional stage to communism.


Lighten up. Photoshop it out if it makes you feel better. It is humorous.

Also, @Woodman’s point makes sense - USSR = Union of Soviet Socialist Republics