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Looking on GMaps for the USAF museum at Wright-Patterson AFB (which, it turns out, is actually a couple miles down the road from the AFB) and I spotted this


Those of you who played Castle of the Winds in the heydays of Windows 3.1 can now play it again in your web browser


Seems it is optimized for laptops and desktops, not for fondleslabs.

Edit : seems it is more of a proof-of-concept website, not fully functional yet.


Gonna give this a whirl : https://easyrpg.org/




NSFW (PG-13: language)
A song about ibises.


I have memories of the Black Cauldron game and being somehow annoyed at it.


Ibises are arseholes though.


Making time to teach lil Ook the ins and outs of BASIC programming.

Found a motherlode on the www : http://www.bombjack.org/commodore/magazines/input/input.htm

Not just for the commodore, but for the tandy, zx81 and zx spectrum amongst others.


Damn that was funny


I remember doing BASIC programming on my Tandy 1000!


I actually found this a while ago, but my 10 year old has been playing it nonstop the last couple days.



Someone already found that there’s some hex in the (tiny) html code which translates to "PTEE’ which strongly suggests Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition will be released soon.


So, when I was at the San Antonio Zoo, there was an area with several varieties of birds in one habitat together, but most of the population were strikingly colored ibises. I just about laughed my butt off. I got a few strange looks, but it was worth it. I also had to send a pic back to my coworkers, with whom I had previously shared @Rizak’s video.
Here’s the photo…


Fucking Ibises.


Ghost in the Shell, first scene.


Watch it on YouTube so you can see the “Up next” videos on the right. Adam Savage has a video on the making of the thermoptic suit. There’s only two pieces to the entire suit and they were able to minimize the place where they had to put a seam in the back.


Fun little short web-based game. It’s not a clicker and as far as I know doesn’t suddenly unfold into a massive ARG or sim you’ll be sucked into for days, just a brief 5-10 minute story:


My top score is 10,220:

Arcadia’s ocean stretches to the horizon a pale blue sky. The colonists live in cities of steel and concrete with buildings sealed against the planet’s harsh environment, on platforms floating on the planet-wide ocean. They spend their time pursuing art, leisure, and spiritual fulfilment, while automatic machines take care of their material needs. In the first city stands a monument to the the seedship AI that guided humanity to its new home.


Interesting. Score on my first try was 8955.

Some of my settlers got dead at some existing dangerous ruins, and the resources were poor, so my science score was low.

Nice little diversion.


Yeah, it’s basically a risk-reward thing as looking for a better colony will likely result in some risks. I’ve never “lost” in a dozen plays, but I’ve gotten much lower scores.

I missed the ‘Launch probe’ link when looking at colonies at first. When you’re looking at a planet you can launch one of 10 probes to help fill in blanks and uncover the Weird Stuff a world has.

My best had some very lucky random finds.


Aaaaand I’ve hit a new low…3808. Ouch.

Update: Sub-3000 and everyone died!

I did have a couple rounds over 9000, but I wasn’t very satisfied with them.