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Because it’s “kawaii”.


To this gaijin, the high-pitched speech/giggles of “kawaii” are ridiculously annoying. I’d prefer it if they just spoke normally.

I must be growing old and intolerant or something.


No. I haven’t seen it.


Aren’t they getting a bit long in the tooth to still be in the band? Or do they get kicked out in BabyMetal at all? I thought I read somewhere they started the group because the girls were getting moved out of the younger groups.


Oh, I agree with you. In Japan, the ideal woman is young, naive, and submissive. This is all reflected in the ‘kawaii’ look and feel of the idol groups.

@Woodman - I don’t know if what you read is true, but I could see it. You don’t see any long running girl groups, but there are boy bands that have been around for a loooong time (like SMAP who has been around for 25 years, if you can still call them a boy band now that they’re in their 40s). It’s not a pretty double standard.


At least these girls get their carreers extended by BabyMetal instead of retiring until they can by 18+ sex sym


Well, then. Here you go:


Thanks! :sunglasses:


My Life is better now.



Drone Star Wars


Dude, wow. Nice find


One of my few subscriptions on Youtube. Corridor Digital gets it.


The 404 Song




… no

Just… just no.



Watch and listen to Wikipedia edits live

It’s surprisingly soothing.


Crap. I’m not going to get anything done now.


Truly awesome… Generation 1 Transformers fan film


How I got there : Started off with The Valley on 48k Speccy…

…which culminated with Exiled Kingdoms on any Android/iThing…

…which prompted me to visit the forums, and there I found that link.