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So THAT’S how it happens!!!



Holy crap, I was told it was about his state of the art studio burning down. I figured the words were Deep Purple being creative. I knew it wasn’t recorded there, but thought it was about it. Now I’m looking at stuff and I can’t find anything about the studio being on a lake or anything. I remember my dad telling me Frank had a studio out on a small man made island in the middle of a lake so the acoustics would be perfect and unaffected by traffic or other noise. And that multiple famous artists recorded there, so when it burned down when Deep Purple was using it they wrote a song about it.


Cognitive dissonance here. And I’m sure my dad doesn’t remember spinning that whole ball of yarn, not worth mentioning to him that I’ve been living a lie for decades.

Next thing you know I’ll find out John Denver wasn’t an Army sniper and his rifle wasn’t called Sunshine.



This 3D-printed sundial tells the time digitally.


Already printed out a couple and I’m sending a few to some kids I know.


I’m envious. Those look cool, and I’d love to have one, but I don’t know anyone with the design and a 3D printer.


I can think of a few local parks that could use this. For the kids, of course…


Speaking of which, the Rogue One trailer dropped this morning and it’s not shit.

Still don’t know how it will work, but looks interesting. And I think I saw Forrest Whitaker in there.


This made me smile:


Those are pretty funny.

Makes you wonder… did they not have any idea what the criteria would be?
And while some of those look like hardware just not making it (no balance, for instance), other seems to be software: like the one that paused at the door, then simply collapsed.

Guess there could have been a catastrophic hydraulic failure, mebbe.


This is the article I saw the video in after I ran a search on robotics at ARS.

EDIT: I’m learning that robots often fail for any number of reasons now that I’m helping my son’s robotics team at high school. Another link with more clarity on the falling issue:


Teaser Trailer for Dr. Strange…

I’m excited because he’s one of my favorite characters, especially as far as flavor goes, but I’m not totally impressed with the trailer.


I thought it was great! I had heard that this was the one Marvel movie that WASN’T going to have any backstory, and it seems from the trailer to be nothing but. I don’t actually know anything about the good doctor’s history, so this will be a nice change for me.


i could probably give you the backstory from memory, but I’m afraid I might spoil something for you.


Stone Cold Crazy too.


Posted without comment.


Claymation DOOM (possibly NSFW):


Well, that was interesting!


I’m easily amused. :slight_smile:


That was… interesting. A strange mix of J-Pop and something along the lines of early MegaDeath. Not in the same vein as say BloodStainChild or Shadow, though.

But can someone explain why a lot of female Asian singers sound like they’re breathing pure helium?


Have you seen the claymation hybrid of Pingu and ‘The Thing’?? Funny and creepy as all hell at the same time.