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Going back to the USB drive discussion a month ago, I still have a 1GB Memorex thumb drive. It survived about five or six trips through the washer and dryer and it occasionally still works. It’s the only one I ever found with a lock switch so you could make it read-only.

The TV show Babylon 5 had “data crystals” as a portable and durable data storage device which were rated for 50GB. Researchers at the UK’s Southampton University just blew that out of the water. From the picture in this article, the disc looks to be about 1.5" in diameter, or just a little larger than a US 50 cent piece. 360TB storage, rated for 14 million years and up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

I don’t know if that material can be made be re-writable, but it’s pretty impressive as an archive medium.


360Tb out to be enough for anybody.


I don’t know… I recently tried downloading the whole of Star Trek TNG in 1080p HD… I had to stop after the 6th episode of the first season made my HDD hit 90% usage…


If you’re going to talk about terabits (Tb), then that’s only 45 terabytes (TB) of storage.


Considering the the mechanism they’re talking about, it’s going to be a while before it’s rewritable. The technology from 2012 that they mention still hasn’t reached marketability. and I don’t think it’s going to be worth much until it’s rewritable.

They talk about “archiving” data, but I can’t see much use for a 360TB ROM. The picture shows a disk labelled “Holy Bible” - and the last I checked, even in PDF it would never reach close to that size. I can’t see it reaching 1GB.

What data would need to be archived and would be that size? What data of that size would be marketable to the general public? Not even the US Census data is that large. I doubt census data for every country in the world would reach that size, at least for a single census period.


I had a friend who did not have a vestigial tail, but the area of his tailbone was folded enough that you could see how a tail would have looked.

Another remnant of evolution is the “caudal patch”. Some males (I’ve never seen it on females) have a patch of hair at the base of their spine.


I stand corrected regarding the issue of scale. My point remains valid, though.


This certainly alters the landscape. Inconvenient past speech at a press conference? Or need “proof” that you were for/against an issue before anyone else?


Any aspiring animators out there? As of March 26, 2016, the Toonz software used by Studio Ghibli for Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle and other films, and on shows like Futurama, will be “made free and open source to the animation community”.

What it sounds like is that the newest version will continue to be upgraded and sold to animation studios, but the old version is what they’re making available. No info yet on how you’d get it, nor whether there will be any restrictions on who can get it (casual users versus students, or some other qualification).

The announcement’s on the Cartoon Brew website, with a matching announcement on the Toonz Premium website. I guess check back at the end of the month to see more details.


This is kind of awesome. And it works so well. It was produced for use by a UK police department.



Further update for @Nabiki: I finally put D-Lite’s version onto the iPod and have been cranking it. Really digging the viola throughout this version, and his voice is more powerful than Ozaki.

I still really like the original version though so I’ll be keeping both on the iPod. :slight_smile:


Here is an interesting simulation. It was released as a teaser to promote Tom Clancy’s The Division.


My eBook stash is disturbingly large, but still only a few gig. Being able to get a 100TB disk make affordable once a year as a ‘snapshot’ of my home NAS would be awesome, I admit.

Might be good for things like Google, who i believe were talking about using optical media for data that wasn’t accessed often.


There’s something off with that simulation. I got the same results from each of these:

  1. start in Victorville Ca to O’Hare
  2. start in Los Angeles to Dusseldorf. (although the latter did destroy Europe a little faster)
  3. start in San Francisco to George Bush Airport.

Also, no matter where you start and which hospital you go to, only 26 people are infected in that step. In San Francisco at least, you could infect that many just getting to the nearest bus stop.


I thought it interesting that I infected 6 people doing nothing but going home. Then apparently those people were the wreckers of mankind, not me.


I got a worse score going from Manila Phillipines to Beijing - Manila being the densest population on the planet. I also tried going to Sydney, considering the connecting flights to so many other countries.

One thing they don’t seem to account for is going to the local airport infects more people than just the people at the destination. For a busy airport, you should be infecting at least 1000 at the point of departure.


Join in on the Kickstarter to make the ultimate Frank Zappa documentary.
It’s already funded, but 17 days are left if you want in.
Yeah, you know Alex Winters. He was that guy in that thing. (WYLD STALLYNS!)

Frank is my all-time favourite musician and musical influence. This is going to be epic.


An old friend of mine, since passed on, hung out with his band a couple nights decades ago. The biggest things they talked about were how they had to know his entire repertoire because there was no set list, sometimes he’d just start playing and they had to be right there with him, the other was his perfectionism. For someone who sounded so easy going he was a taskmaster for his back up group. Not that unusual for the someone so cutting edge, but seems odd because that whole scene was so laid back,

They also got all the booze, weed, and companionship they wanted while on tour, as long as they could hang. He apparently fired people at whim, sometimes on stage.

A hella interesting person though, and without him we don’t have Smoke on the Water and quite a few songs and albums that were recorded at his studio.


Mis-heard lyrics???
Machine Head (Album that contained “Smoke on the Water”) was recorded in the Rolling Stones mobile studio
in Montreux Switzerland.
A Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention concert was the inspiration for the song. A fire broke out at a casino
hosting the Zappa concert in Montreux.
Probably sounds like I’m nit-picking but it wasn’t recorded at Zappa’s studio.
Sometimes those nits need to be picked.



That’s also how some people get those teenage nit scars.