Web Find of the Day


Having lived around the Great Lakes for many years, I can tell you that there are a lot of Nazis around there.


One of the best reasons for visiting a national park in the off season: Horesetail Falls in Yellowstone looks like it’s on fire for just a few times each year in February.


And finally, a news article that is well written (and funny).

Would we lie to you about cars? Well, yes we would

The intro:

It’s always fun to assemble a few outright lies or, as they call them on Fox News, facts. However, one of the seven things that follows really is true, so I guess that’s still broadly within Fox ratios. Your job is to identify the sole factual entry.


A link to the new LG G5 & Friends. The Friends are the add-ons, in case you don’t pick up on that right away. This is an incredible step up and outward for phones in general. If I hadn’t just picked up a Note4, I’d be looking at one of these.

Plus, I’m dancing in my living room with the catchy tune in the promo.


I just got my wife a G4 a few months ago, it doesn’t have any friends.

And it’s not that much fun.


My “Buy” button finger is itching.



I don’t know how to get this video to show up, but I have to wonder home many 911 calls were made about this.


This dad and husband:


This seems like it would be right up Lee’s alley:

Nasa’s Graveyards

Some nice pics of various NASA facilities that aren’t currently in use.


I’m surprised the GSA hasn’t put them up for auction.


God, I love these guys. Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

If you don’t snort at least once, we can’t be friends.
I mean it.


Absolutely. I’ve had a few of these used on me.


This is awesome. Makes me want to go out and do something.


I just want to put together some octagonal/hexagonal shelving. That seems complicated enough. Wish I had these skills.


This would be a neat way to surround one of those annoying poles many basements have.

(My house has just such a pole. $Wife and I considered making it into a fake fish tank by making an enclosure out of wood with acrylic sheets over the top half and such. Maybe even fake fish. Then we decided to just do a wrap, but haven’t had time.)


Technology is both wonderful and tasty…


Grandmaster vs. Chess Hustler. These guys play so fast I can’t even keep up.


They keep talking about Wanted, although guided bullets were used in a Tom Selleck sci-fi movie long before that.

ETA: The movie was Runaway (1984) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088024/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_43


A friend of mine on Facebook shared this link, and I clicked on it so I could write a point by point rebuttal. Then I found out that I couldn’t.