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It’s almost like a game, without scoring, achievements, or competition of any kind.



This shot just simply amazes me @Lee_Ars. The fact that we basically have a probe tagging along snapping photos makes it all the better.

Comet 67P from Spacecraft Rosetta
Image Credit & Licence: ESA, Rosetta, NAVCAM

Explanation: Spacecraft Rosetta continues to circle and map Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Crossing the inner Solar System for ten years to reach the vicinity of the comet in 2014, the robotic spacecraft continues to image the unusual double-lobed comet nucleus. The featured image, taken one year ago, shows dust and gas escaping from the comet’s nucleus. Although appearing bright here, the comet’s surface reflects only about four percent of impinging visible light, making it as dark as coal. Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko spans about four kilometers in length and has a surface gravity so low that an astronaut could jump off of it. With Rosetta in tow, Comet 67P passed its closest to the Sun last year and is now headed back to the furthest point – just past the orbit of Jupiter.

1724 X 1882


That’s a decent size to put a small research station on.


A sequel to the video in the OP.


I love the original Sound of Silence. It’s very rare that I listen to a remake of a song I love and actually like the remake.
This one though I think is a fantastic version. It’s so different to the original that it seems like a different song, and I love this version too.

Not so keen on the Metallica version of Turn the Page though. Bob Seger is one of our going on holiday albums and Turn the Page is one of my all time favourite songs. The Metallica version just doesn’t cut it.


I like Metallica’s Turn the Page. But I’m also a big fan of covers that are harder than the original.


I’d actually consider buying this, if not for the fact that shipping from Asia would likely take three weeks.

For reference, I found the above because I stumbled upon this picture, and had to go investigate.


Ooh. I like the mouse/usb drive/pen/something set!


The something is a coffee cup, travel mug style.


I don’t need it. I don’t need it. I don’t need it. I want it. I don’t need it.


I sincerely doubt there is even a milligram of actual porcelain in the entire box. And why would you spend that much on a mouse (especially a wireless mouse - ecch) when it probably won’t last six months?


But it’s a .5 mm gel pen! :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t see anywhere how much storage the USB drive has either. It’s probably something silly like 2GB. It sure looks nice, though.


Hey my 2GB still finds use!

There, there, Use-B, it’s okay. We’ll play the FFVII Bootleg Mod again soon.


I have a 512 MB that still finds use, so I understand, but I need something larger for my job these days.


I still have my 16 megabyte USB pen that my high school gave us for GCSE graduation :smiley:

It got confused a while ago. It became convinced that it had been created in 1979, and that anything copied to it was copied in 1979. I don’t store things on it anymore.


I think I still have an old “external” drive that is basically a 128 MB compact flash card in a large (about 3" x 3") USB case.


Just curious if there’s actually anything that you could store on it?


Could carry a lot of text-based config files on it. I could almost load a bare-bones set of early AD&D PDFs (the recently released versions of the original books were re-typeset for the recent premium reprints, and are thus often only 6 megs instead of the 40-80 for newer PDFs that are color and scans).


Fifteen 1MiB files, and one 800KiB file… Because 16MB≠16MiB, because screw you marketing.



Hard to not make this a lincoln run as it speaks for itself :smile: