Web Find of the Day


Just… wow.

This guy made sushi that looks like live fish.


I found this just a little hard to watch.


Reminds me of the Alien egg.


This might be more fitting in War Stories, but I did just find it on the web today…



Ugh, can’t do it.


Onsite recycling may be on the way!

It doesn’t seem cost effective yet, but give it a few years…


Cool. A friend of mine and I were discussing a 3D printer using paper fiber, creating shapes from thin cardboard, basically.


I guess you wouldn’t like the version I am working on that is 3D, with shadows. It will also be animated.


This is kind of awesome.

I rescued a human today.


A great mash up of the new Star Trek trailer:


The CGBros usually post some great stuff, and this one is kind of mind blowing.


I love that people are doing in video from what Science Fiction used to do in Short Stories decades ago.


I found this yesterday, but I was out getting drunk instead of posting here. For all your shed aficionados, I present Cabin Porn.


I am not a heavy/death metal fan in the slightest, but this is without a doubt the best cover I have heard of any Simon & Garfunkel track. I’d say it’s also in my top 3 covers of anything… and I do a lot of YouTube uptime verification on that subject.


I like it.

There are some songs, Turn the Page, Land of Confusion (By Disturbed again), Wheel of Fire, and Hurt (Where the man in black flat out owns the song after doing his version) where the cover is every bit as good as the original. Different style, but keeping the same message and feeling.


There are indeed.

Yeah, that dude has some serious musical chops.

I think what grabbed me is that the original is most definitely not something you’d expect would translate to metal, but they way they do it works so, so well.

Can you provide links to your examples? I did a few searches but couldn’t find what I thought I was looking for.


Original by NIN, cover Johnny Cash.

Original Bob Seger, cover Metallica.

Original Johnny Cash, Cover Social Distortion.


I haven’t heard that one, thanks for posting that @Woodman.


I love Social D’s cover of Ring of Fire. Interesting you hadn’t it. Although they get a lot of airplay here in SoCal since they’re from Orange County.