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This is my new favourite site - one of my co-workers (and a clueful one at that!) told me about it. Currently listening to the Epic Film Scores playlist and loving it.

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Oooooh . . . I need to try that out!!


IT’s amazing, SB - listening to a big band/swing playlist now. I love the different ways you can find playlists - there’s a “music concierge” or you can view playlists by genre, activity (I have to check out the “breaking up” suggestions, just to see what they’re suggesting) or mood. I found the Epic Film Scores playlist because I was curious about what they suggested for “coding”. :smile:


I’m loving the Epic Film Score playlist! It has more variety, and more current music, than Pandora – which seems to have latched onto the fact that I have “liked” a few piano scores, and is loading up all the playlists that might carry that type with just that type. HELLO. Where did the epic songs go??

Sorry. Rant. :relaxed:

EDIT: I’m thrilled they have a “Saving the World From Evil” list! I recently made a playlist on my iPod (and a CD for the car) called “Fight the Bad Guys! AND WIN!” filled with heroic songs of teamwork and triumph. Pumps me up every time. :slight_smile:


Wow. They have a J-pop station. Starting off with L’arc en Ciel. Not my favourite, but let’s see what else they play for me.


Okay, the first five songs were all L’arc en Ciel and Utada Hikaru. Now they’re playing Miyavi… T.M. Revolution… and that looks like all they have. Oh, well. I guess I just have to keep buying CDs. :slight_smile:


Songza is pretty good. I listen to it often. I’ve found the playlists aren’t updated often but there’s a good selection.

For other streaming radio, I really like Third Rock Radio. A good mix of new and older stuff. Plus, it’s NASA stuff so you know… Space.


CinemaSins is my new favorite Film Critic on YouTube. I especially loved his review of Everything Wrong with Star Trek: Into Darkness followed by his 20-minute loop of “My Name Is”.


For the Star Trek geek in some of us this holiday season…

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Happy Holidays, everyone!


Time lapse aurora

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I LOL’d at “Shut up, Wesley!” and the Thing trailer was freakin’ brilliant! :smile:

Here are a few that made my day today:

“Write Like the Wind (George R. R. Martin)”: http://youtu.be/j7lp3RhzfgI

Jonathan Coulton, “Skullcrusher Mountain”: http://youtu.be/9O-ra3RZeHk

Jonathan Coulton, “Redshirts”: http://youtu.be/xQIuapbeh0I

And, dedicated to all you coders here: Jonathan Coulton, “Code Monkey”: http://youtu.be/kWrjYdD0Tg0


The first aerial footage of a penguin colony taken by another bird

Too flippen cool


Wow an actual “orgamic keyboard” has been made!


From APOD:

Falling to Earth
Video Credit & Copyright: Red Bull Stratos, GoPro;
Music: Wilderness is Their Home Now & Satellites (East of the River), ExtremeMusic

Explanation: What would it be like to fall to Earth from really high up? A new record for the highest jump was accomplished in 2012 by Felix Baumgartner. Surpassing the previous record of 31.3 kilometer plummet, Baumgartner, in a commercial venture, jumped off a floating balloon platform 39.0 kilometers above New Mexico, USA and had his entire fall recorded on video. Baumgartner wore a pressurized suit able to provide breathable air and warmth while up in the balloon, but then cooling from the heat generated by the friction if his fall. Free falling 36.4 km before deploying his parachute, Baumgartner surpassed 1,000 km per hour and the sound barrier during the descent. The above video records his four minutes and 19 seconds of free fall in real time. The stunt included a somewhat unexpected but potentially dangerous spin that occurred during the second minute which could have knocked out or disoriented Baumgartner. After an enthralling plummet, Baumgartner’s parachutes deployed and he landed safely.


“Charlie Bit My Finger” parody, starring the Hemsworth brothers. (Link has a link to the original video, if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

This is SQUEE-worthy, and downright hilarious! :smile:


I had to show that to my wife as well - both of us thought it was hilarious too :smile:


Quadcopter flies into a volcano:

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I am embarrassed by how much time I’ve wasted playing 2048 this morning

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Neat game.